Call me crazy, but I just bought about 25k HIVE

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HIVE has been a falling knife for months, but today I stepped in front of it

Call me crazy, but I bought roughly 25k worth of HIVE today.

What's even more crazy, I bought it with BTC...


Keep in mind that I didn't dip into my long term BTC holdings for this purchase but considering where I think BTC is ultimately going, yea it's a risky play.

To me, $15k BTC and $.10 HIVE just seems like a good spot to pick up a couple HIVE...



Not a lot of BTC buys a lot of HIVE.

The way I look at it, it won't take much to get HIVE to a dollar, which is roughly 10x, while it will take a lot more heavy lifting to get BTC to $150k, which would also be a 10x.

The BTC to $150k may technically be "more likely" at this point in time, but there is also the possibility HIVE could go north of a dollar as well.



Now it's time for HIVE to round the corner and actually start making itself attractive to outside investors!

Stay informed my friends.


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Yeah from 10 - 20 cents not too far off double! I’m doing the same thing adding some on the dip since everyone else seems to be.

Seems like a decent spot to pick up some. Tough to say for sure whether HIVE will bottom out here, but I do think it bottoms out somewhere around here. Hopefully we can start building on here finally instead of just getting things setup.

I think with HF24 out of the way ... okay, we're getting there ... things will start to pick up.

... especially if we can get talking about all the bells and whistles we've got planned.

That is the hope... once the infrastructure is built, we can start building that house!

🚀 🚀 🚀

I've also bought 25k hive, on huobi though... can't withdraw but I'm buying 20% cheaper. Will keep dollar cost averaging in, a lot of people think huobi will default or something.

I was waiting for gates to open on Huobi for maybe 6 weeks. But 2 days ago, once I heard the massive troubles Huobi is facing, I sold all my 55K HIVE there, at 20-30% loss, and withdraw everything from HUOBI. My acct there is now $0.00 Let them go to hell.

I've survived Mt.Gox and 13 other exchanges where I was trading, which were hacked, and/or scam-exited or hell know what else.
I could not let this HUOBI to be my first unsuccessful exchange.

So keep in mind - your cheap Hive there is facing a big big risk.
I maybe wrong . Just old hug's opinion

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As long as they keep all withdrawals open, I don't see why there would be any risk. Even if their COO is truly under investigation, doesn't mean the funds will disappear.

Thanks for the concern, I understand that it is risky. If I lose my hive I guess I'll learn the hard way :/

I'm crazy too. Put 1 BTC into Hive a couple of days ago.
Most of hive is on exchanges for speculation and once the bots grab it, it'll fly.
If not we'll survive anyway. No pain- no gain.

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Are we crazy like a fox or just plain crazy?

I'm leaning to the fox side.

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It's not crazy at all. If I had dry powder right now I'd be buying Hive over Bitcoin without a 2nd thought. The amount of FOMO bitcoin receives is not equal to the relative gains from speculating, and once the US determines which hand of the banking empire will control the white house it will be risk on, which would mean money pouring out of BTC.

Actually BTC has been trading like a risky asset for some time now. Even these last few days it has been going up in a risk on movement, not a risk off movement. What's good for stocks is good for bitcoin. My hope is that eventually the altcoins join in on the fun and when they do, hopefully their percentage gains are larger than bitcoin's.

surely this is one of the best times to buy Hive with BTC, the relationship is really affordable!

Congratulations 💪

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It's the best it has ever been, but it may get better, hopefully not though. :)

Smart move I think! And I hope!

Ha, I hope so too!

Today I agree with your timing!

Time will tell if it's the right move, but if it's not today exactly, I think we are probably close.

You know the bottom is in when @jrcornel flips bullish.

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Ha, well HIVE has a lot of warts still in my opinion, but that doesn't mean it can't go up (at some point) from here!

Hi crazy, nice to meet you. I own no all in on hive and it's babies, people have said I'm crazy...even I know at this point. But it is what it is. Go hive or go home

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If they call you crazy and me crazy, how do we know who they are talking about?!

Hahaha 😂😂😂

😆😆😆 true

The price of HIVE doesn't go up, if someone is buying... We know all the HIVE whales are hoarding HIVE to get even higher rewards after powering up...

I rather see people who post quality content to get most of the rewards, instead of people who just post non-sense with fancy formatting and third-party videos...

I'd rather see an economic model that actually makes sense for people to want to invest in HIVE. :)

I have pretty much disagreed with every decision HIVE and the related teams have done so far... But if no-one tells the teams that their choices are not what the community wants, they continue living with the delusion that they are making the best platform possible...


... is a dog...

B I NGO. I wouldn't say I have disagreed with every decision, but I have disagreed with man of them over the years. I'd like to us make some changes that would interest outside investors. There haven't been a ton of those.

I'm not counting the decisions I have agreed with... If there weren't any, I wouldn't be using Hive anymore...

I might not be checking Hive, Steem and Blurt every single day as I have to primarily focus on projects I am member or leader of, like currently zlib-ng and Talleo.

Cool..I want buy also some up if I have more coins or money 😋👌👌👌👌

Well, get some! :) I put this out yesterday talking about how you can pick up some free monies via Coinbase:

Sorry man .. I not go in Coinbase ... not go happen. 👌👌 but lets hope Hive soon up.

Ok, you are crazy!

However, i do not feel you would have gotten much better a deal by waiting.
You got a hellava good deal, and got into something you really like and use.

I see bitcoin going a little higher and HIVE going a little lower... but can you really trade at the top?
Only time will tell if you got a great deal, or a really great deal.

Either a great deal or a really great deal sound pretty good to me! Hopefully we are right.

the price is tempting actually and we can easily move up to 20cents or even should i give in now? i usually just like watching the price actions

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Do it...

Nice purchase. You've made me jealous. 👍

Ha good deal. You can always join me! :)

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I think that could be a brilliant move. It hinges on your specific situation, but you may be thanking your younger self later on. 👍

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Yeah well said. I have also been utilizing this opportunity to purchase some Hive. Just a small difference is that I made a mistake by selling my BTC holding looking for a short trade on Hive and ended up holding Hive long term.

I'm also planning to invest a little more in Hive in this dip. I don't think the trend would always be like this. If we are lucky we might even see Hive hitting 1$ anytime soon.

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Now it's time for HIVE to round the corner and actually start making itself attractive to outside investors!

That's the most urgent need of this platform. I have raised this at several places and I heard some people are working on this - but I did not see anything on chain.

Actually, current Hive situation looks rather similar to Steem situation one year ago. The price was, IIRC, slightly over (for some brief moments, under) where the price of Hive is now. Again, same depressive trajectory, which was also used as an opportunity for buy the dip (and make some decent profit when the price skyrocketed over Justin Sun drama in Spring).

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Same here its a no brainer and I don't sell at Hive=1$

I'm looking at 4$-10$ range can take some years, but the development here is great!

We will see by the end of the year, how crazy were those - who called you so.

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Reading your posts often
this is a step worth noticing.
When I see btc growth, eventually
Hive will grow as well.
#leo is showing us how we need to grow.
Great buy at the right time.


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10-cent Hive (or thereabouts) does seem like a really good buying opportunity.


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Good to hear @jrcornel
I got 1k hive on HPUD, but it's nothing compared to you 👍

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I think you got balls of steel. At the same time i'm a fan of invest in what you like. I'm turned off by high annual inflation rates however if you're very active in the community and you derive value from more than just price appreciation why not?

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Nice earning! Keep it work

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This was probably the best time to buy. Altcoins are not going to remain at low prices for long.

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I think you're just looking at a profit opportunity in the future. It is a risky move, but everyone knows how far they can and should go.

Particularly speaking, if I had money to invest... I would do the same thing, @jrcornel.

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we see us on 20x :)

crypto basically goes from ridiculously low to ridiculously high and cycles. Don't be fooled into thinking Hive can not got to a figure like 10 dollars in future.

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I sure hope so! Once bitcoin breaks into new highs that has historically been when the altcoins join in on the fun.

I don't think you're crazy at all.
I hope not.
... I've been doing the same in the last weeks.

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cool, I bought quite a bit as well :)

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