Tether freezes funds to 100 addresses in its Smart Contract

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Stablecoin (USDT) dollars that always keeps track of the price 1. Its smart lottery contracts on many blockchain, however, is not as decentralized as the DAI because 5 people can take action.

Full Control??

Noisy "Black List" entry. Such a fragment can be found by reading a smart ERC-20 USDT token contract.
There are functions that only creators have access to. Their names, i.e. "addBlackList", "removeBlackList" or "destroyBlackFunds" are used to block funds on a given address by preventing the "transfer" function, which is crucial for the transfer of tokens from one address to another.
The contract also includes a record of creating tokens and using them in any way you want.
In a smart contract there are functions which will be used sooner or later.

On bloxy.info website we can thoroughly check the analysis of smart contracts. The "Black list" contains 100 addresses that will not be able to transfer their funds in any way in the future. They are frozen forever.
The creators themselves emitted their tokens 90 times.

If you are using the USDT, keep the noodles on your wallets, especially on the desk. This will prevent an unpleasant situation.

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