More investment fraudsters in Belgium?

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12 million dollars were lost by investors in Belgium. Increasing losses caused by forex and cryptic fraud. It is not about the game itself but about the actions of the fraudsters.

Belgium on target hackers!

The Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA), a supervisory authority, has estimated that investors in Belgium have lost at least 10 million euros - or about 11.8 million USD.

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It was probably a cryptographic platform that used pictures of famous people to advertise fraud.
For investors in Belgium, fraudsters use telephone selling methods. They make "promises of high profits or even guaranteed profits" when talking to victims.

The Belgian authorities are doing everything to stop this and want to solve the problem. In February the FSMA blacklisted more than 140 fake websites related to the crypts. However, it is still estimated that investors in Belgium usually lose about 152 million USD almost every year due to scams.
A lot of cases are not reported to the police.

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Oh yes, the scams here are countles, especially with ads in which a "celebrity" endorses some sort of crypto platform that promises thousands of Euros in gains in days... Of course those celebrities are victim too, because it is just their picture that is used and they don't even know what it is about... It's a plague!