DeFi will destroy bankers

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Banker Alexander Lebedev revealed that he intends to launch a decentralized "bank 2.0" based on DeFi, which he described as "revolutionary" technology. It is he who speaks with great enthusiasm about the potential of the crypto and intelligent contracts that will revolutionize the financial market.

On The Independent website, we can read an article from October 13th of the billionaire's prediction of blockchain technology from what he described as a parasitic global banking oligopoly.

"blockchain technology and smart contracts will make it unnecessary to hire the vast majority of people in the financial sector".

"The technologies built into this infrastructure open up huge opportunities for rebuilding the global financial system.

All financial services will be without the participation of the bank by means of smart contracts. Unfair bank commissions will end.

Alexander Lebedev also wants to invest in the DeFi market and create his own decentralized financial market. He noticed that banks are reacting more and more strongly to blockchain based assets. He strongly believes in the cryptic and looking at the current financial system which is leading to a global disaster.

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