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If you're attracted to this click-through title, it means you love the crypto and Bitcoin.

In Spain, every Member of Parliament received 1 euro at BTC. The project aims to promote the use of cryptocurrency in the country. This is reported by the Spanish news agency...
350 members of the Congress of Deputies have just received access from the company to the equivalent of 1 euro in the cryptovalent. This is to show how important role can be played in the future of the cryptocurrency.

Caballero said that the cryptocurrency "are not donations" and admitted that he knew that some members of Congress might be more familiar with this technology. This is a great opportunity for those who have no idea about the crypts to learn more.
This is another country where the crypts were given to politicians and clerks.
The Political Action Committee (PAC) of the Digital Chamber of Commerce sent $50 worth of Bitcoins to 541 members of Congress in early October, as reported by the Decrypt portal.

In Poland there was also an attempt to intervene in the topic crypted by the Bitcoin Association, which organized a public consultation in the Sejm in 2016. The aim was to familiarize politicians from the main parties with the issues of decentralized technologies.

Banks in Spain in recent years have become more interested in crypto and blockchain. Santander has worked with Ripple to build a payment based on a chain of blocks.

Central Bank in Europe to the end of 2021 will look at the digital euro.

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In most government there is a huge gap of understanding especially due to the high age difference. Glad to see that some governments are trying tactics to bridge this gap. Although not sure what those guys in Spain would do with 1 euro of BTC. 😅

I've been following Ripples effort to do this as well. The future looks bright!

Symbolic 1$😀

That's what I thought as well after I posted my comment. To plant the seeds and get them interested in the topic. 🌱