The Motorsports Museum That 'Covid-19' Killed

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Photo Courtesy of World of Speed

The Discovery

I haven't written any posts for about a week, but something I learned about really pissed me off, so I share that frustration with you.

I was driving down the I-5 freeway near Wilsonville, in the good ol' state of Oregon, when I passed a building I hadn't noticed before. It might have had something to do with living outside of the country the majority of the past five years. I saw a rather large building with "WORLD of SPEED" emblazoned on the side. I made a mental note to research this place when I got home.

The Research

And research I did. I found it on Google Maps, who had it labeled as Temporarily closed, and I clicked on link for the website to see what I could find out when it would open again. I discovered this was a motorsports museum, and was a mere five years old. It was a baby as far as museums go. You may not know this about me, but I am a huge museum buff! To my utter shock, this particular museum would never be opening again. Why is this do you ask? In a word:


...or was it really?

The Museum

Upon further research, this little museum had a pretty cool collection of cars, even some vintage Ferraris. I wouldn't really call myself a gear head or anything, but I enjoy a beautiful car, and I love me a museum.

They had quite a few videos posted on Youtube, but all of their other social media accounts had been deactivated.

I really enjoyed the Ferrari videos, so I am sharing them below:

There is also a virtual tour you can take here:

The Letdown

Their website had the following posted prominently on their website:

It is with heavy hearts we announce the permanent closure of World of Speed Motorsport Museum. The museum has been temporarily closed to the public since March 16, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Under the Oregon Health Authority’s current guidelines, the museum would fall into Phase Two or Phase Three of the state’s reopening plan, potentially pushing reopening into 2021.

Many of our guests, volunteers, students and docents fall into the category of most vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus, which means efforts to keep everyone safe could push reopening further, even after OHA restrictions are lifted. After much deliberation, our board determined it would be unable to maintain the facility during such an extended closure.

You Tell Me?!

Was this bureaucratic overreach? Were draconian measures such as these really necessary? Does forcing businesses and nonprofits to close permanently really going help society in the long run? "Flatten the Curve" they told us. As both our society and our collective mental health sinks into depression, we'll be able to look back and decide which was worse, the cure or the disease.

Oh well, what's done is done. Please check out the website and take a look at some of the content. Maybe you'll feel a bit nostalgic too for something you'll never get a chance to see. World of Speed, may you live on in our memories and on the blockchain.

You made a positive impact while you lasted. I salute you.

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That is disappointing and I am sure it is not the only one that will close when all is said and done. I really think things are going to extreme when it comes to these closure orders. Wear masks, limit admission, remind to keep distance and all should be well. Vulnerable people (of which I am one) may just have to pass on public appearances in places like this, but others should not. I am sure they could find other volunteers that are not as vulnerable for the time being.

You're right. I am sure this isn't the first or last bit of culture we end up killing off. There were smarter ways to handle the situation.

That's heartbreaking for sure. I only know a museum alike over here in my country and that's most likely a collection held by one of the richest persons in the world, so I doubt his museum will close anytime soon, but the cars are real gems and it's sad when a damn virus keeps people away from discovering them...

Agreed, it's sad someone like that didn't swoop in to save this one.

Sucks, would've been a nice roadside stop too. Surely there's some kind of sponsor or financial backing that will make sure this place is able to reopen one day. Maybe that is too wishful thinking...

Yeah, it's a shame they couldn't find anyone like Jay Leno to sponsor it.

That's really a shame! Many thanks for posting that. At least in this way people can learn that there was such a museum.

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It is. You're welcome. I am sure it will eventually be converted into something else, but probably nothing near as cool.

Sad to see such a unique museum closing , is the OHA restrictions SAME for all ? I mean, did other similar organizations closed ? What is the Covid situation now ?

Pretty much, it comes down to how much money you have in the bank to pay the rent while you are closed.

WOW, that is a very beautiful post and very cool cars.

Covid doing its job.

Hey, have you been to many museums that have since permanently closed down due to fires?

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I do know how you feel! Everything is shutting down or bankrupt because of Covid 19 and it makes me really angry. I hope this will lend soon so the further harm can be prevented.