So Much Despair

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I'm posting this as much to reaffirm my own beliefs, as I am to preach to you all. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves not to get caught up in the emotional herd.


Speaking of herds, here's a picture of a zebra calf I took while I was on safari in Africa. I hope his cuteness takes away some of the despair

When we view the entire market through the lens of just a project or two, we tend to attribute any price movement to the projects themselves. We forget the fact that the entire market that project is a member of makes moves of its own. This happens to the upside, as well as to the downside. Despite this, a few high flying outliers emerge, and people start to pile into them chasing gains. Many of these desperate people are late to the party. When the overall market corrects to the upside, those outliers tend to get dumped while the overall market rallies. What you must ask yourself during a time when the market is trending down, is if the fundamentals of the project which you have invested have changed. If not, take a deep breath. Stick with what you know, and if you have the intestinal fortitude, buy more, but not more than you can afford to lose.

Don't let emotions and hype drive your decisions. Where Hive in particular is concerned, what has really changed fundamentally? For me, it's still the base layer for some great DApps and is oozing with potential.

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Unfortunately fundamentals don't affect the price as they should all the time. Lets not forget that there is a lot of dumb money in this market and that's why McAfee and Carlos Matos, and many others, managed to trick people into buying shitcoins actually loosing a lot by doing that. I do agree that when you believe in the fundamentals and have enough patience your investment shall be rewarded. Hope that's the case with BAT. Holding some for more than a year and truly believe in it and am convinced of how great Brave is.

Brave and BAT are awesome. I hold some, though probably not as much as I should. I have a lot more into the base layer, ETH. My investment thesis is mostly base layer projects.

Emotions don't play well in making decisions.
Trading should be done with a clear mind.

The photo is nice by the way.
Which wild life park did you visit?

I've been to quite a few, but that is Masai Mara if I recall correctly.

The slave is inherently responsible for the masters bidding for it is the slave who uses his judgment to act based on the masters will, without the slave so willfully committed to the master, what tyranny would ever had existed?

Not all chains are made of iron!