Request For Action: The Critical Importance Of Re-blogging To Under-Rewarded Authors

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Most Of Us Are Too Lazy Or Too Busy

I'm a bit of both. Let's face it, most of us don't have the bandwidth to do content discovery, and we simply vote on stuff that hits our feed. To discover new authors and content, I rely heavily on the people I follow to re-blog content. I occasionally check out trending, but the blogs there are usually adequately rewarded, so I pass on voting them for the most part.

Re-blog It!

If you see an exceptional blog article, I encourage you to re-blog it. It will help create a situation where under-rewarded blogs and authors can for lack of a better term, 'go viral'. I have a modest amount of followers, and I have seen more obscure blogs get to trending as a result of my re-blogs, simply because it caused the right voter to see it at the right time. The great thing about re-blogging is, it costs you nothing! You might not have a lot of voting stake, but you have the ability to help get the attention to the eyes of people who do!

Re-blogging Works!?

Do you agree? Would you be willing to re-blog more exceptional content? Do you already re-blog a lot of exceptional content? Let me know in the comments.

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I do this a fair bit, especially when posts are seriously under-rewarded. If nothing else if may improve my curation rewards, but that is not my main concern. I want rewards to go to those who deserve them. A lot of people vote for friends and out of habit, or even totally automatically. We need to spread those rewards! This is also why I do #FollowFriday. Building the Hive community is essential if we want it to prosper.


Here here. Your contributions are wonderful, and I hope obvious to everyone.

Cheers. I enjoy what I do, so any rewards are a bonus :)


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I find the reblogging of interesting articles right. We usually vote for a good post with the curation trial, but personally I don't reblogging but this I think is my lack of laziness in reading the articles. You are absolutely right the reblog is a very useful tool to help the growth of a good user. I will try to be less lazy now that the bad weather starts here in Italy.
Saluti, in the meantime I reglog this post.

Excellent, every little bit helps!

I seldom reblog, mostly because I don't want to annoy the few people following me with random articles. Then again I've only come to your article because @r1s2g3 reblogged it, so maybe I should give it a second thought, maybe just limit myself to one or two reblogs a day?

I take reblog is one of good and powerful tool but my reblogging criteria is mostly based on "news of interest" and some strong message (I consider this reblog on this category) . Author rewards were never my criteria for it.

I think you can reblog if you think your followers like it . for ex new game announcement or certain very important event in current game.

There are no rules, but definitely if you think the blog is undervalued, or so good that more people need to see it.

Yeah of course, reblogging works in a way, I do reblog and you never know who might see it and well read through. The blog space is getting filled up with a lot and it's like you said content search nowadays can be totally troubling but I do my best, thanks for looking out.

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Thanks, I couldn't ask for more than your best! :)

I reblog occasionally but mostly that I think might interest others.

That's a great reason to.

I've always re-blogged some content. Since we became Hive though, I re-blog a lot more stuff now.

Good to see that. Much appreciated.

Would you be willing to re-blog more exceptional content ?

Yes I’m already doing this

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