Precious Metals Update: New Hampshire Goldbacks & More

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As promised, I finally got the complete set of New Hampshire Goldbacks to add to my collection. This adds to the other state editions I already own, which are Utah and Nevada. According to, there are more editions in the works, so I'll be looking forward to picking those up as well.


Once again, taking a good photo of these is difficult, and they are very reflective, and like to curl up on you when you remove them from the sleeve.

NH Goldbacks.jpeg

Here's a scan of all five denominations. Like the rest of my state goldbacks, the designs are intricate and attractive.

xmas gback.jpeg

As an added bonus, I bought this 1/10 gram 'Merry Christmas' note. These would make great gifts during the holidays. They aren't listed anymore, so I might be out of luck trying to get more to give as gifts. Speaking of gifts, I gave some Utah notes as gifts to my brother and nephew, and they were a hit. I will mostly likely keep it going for future birthdays as well. I feel much better about buying gifts that have the potential to appreciate in value, and also provide some educational value to the youngsters.


Finally, I decided to add a 10oz hunk of silver to my collection. It's secondary market, meaning someone had already bought it and sold it back to APMEX, which means it's scratch and dent condition. Fine by me. It has a good heft to it. It feels like I could easily throw it through a glass window.

Needless to say, crypto and stocks have been vastly outperforming precious metals, so their percentage of my portfolio continues to drop. I will need to continue to accumulate them going forward.

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Ahhh... that 10 ounce Bar is worth the show!!!

These Goldbacks are cool, so I have at least one, tough to get a good photograph of but cool.

Thanks for the show.

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Thanks again for sharing your reports, @joshman. Yes, ten Troy ounces Silver bars are where it's at.

Those are indeed great gift ideas. Instead of just giving cash, give them PM's, make them think about the value of something. I am trying to teach my kids the value of things because they want to purchase in game items and the like, which are worthless in the real world.

Wow! Very nice. I just picked up some gold bullion here in Thailand for the first time. 24 hrs later price is popping higher. But I'm really buying for long term insurance against the end of the world! hahaha


That is very cool, I'm right in the same sectors as you. Cryptos, stocks, metals. I have a large portion of my trading account in the mining sector including junior miners. I think they are getting ready to take off. But my home run this year has been buying Theta at 40 trading at over 10 dollars.

Hope you are doing well too and thanks for your support of my blog. From Koh Phagnan Thailand -Dan

I finally got the complete set of New Hampshire Goldbacks to add to my collection.

How much are they actually worth?

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Will I also get a gift from you also?

What would you like?

Anything from your heart

Me too

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Wow such an amazing arts