Sale of Atari token starts on 29 October

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The public sale of the much-awaited Atari token will be launched on October 29th at
The price of the token was set at 0.25 USD.

The IEO platform has already been made available to buyers. To purchase Atari tokens you will need to go through the full KYC verification process.
By creating its token, Atari wants to take control of the gaming market by providing access to as many platforms and users as possible through, Atari's wallet and the creation of a chain of blocks based on the Atari brand ecosystem.


The last company concluded a lot of partnership agreements to gradually develop the adoption and application of the Atari token.
A list of such partnerships is available at
The first cases of use relate to domains where the Group already operates: video games or blockchain games, which aim to expand DeFi platforms to finance games.

Registration to buy Atari

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Atari! Ha, there's a blast from the past.

Cheers for sharing this, I didn't realise this project had any legs. Definitely reading more into it now.

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That's very interesting. With this move and BTC on the rise, Atari could be right back in the game with Playstation and XBox. They still have to play their cards right, but very interesting indeed. Thanks for the heads up on the new Atari token. 👍

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Ja stary Commodorowiec, nie wiem czy mógłbym coś takiego kupić. 😉 Oby te tokeny nnie skończyły jak ta firma w latach 90. 😂