How do you use your cryptovalutes?

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We know well that most of the crypto is used for market speculation. Not many people use it in their daily lives. There are many ways that you can use your botcoin and more.


A great idea for people who travel a lot. The way of transaction is safe and inexpensive. More and more hotels offer bitcoin payments. Websites such as Travala
They allow you to book your vacations with bitcoins, for yourself or for someone else.

Online shopping

Probably the most popular form of publishing your cryptovalut. More and more e-commerce and retail platforms offer crypto payments to become reliable. Some platforms offer their sales only with the help of bitcoin. Openbazaar is one such platform.

Long-term investment

We do not have to spend our crypto on shopping. Some of you are definitely thinking about a long-term location. I mean at least 5 years. I'm sure that there are also opponents of such a location of their crypts and I understand their fears.

And how do you spend your crypto?

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definitely thinking about a long-term

Crypto investment is long term game

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