What You Do Not Need When Building An Audience Or Staying Relevant

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Let's face it, blockchain blogging, twitter micro blogging, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube contenting requires you to amass an audience to of course create values for your content. You're only valuable if people gives you validation and these validation comes in form of following you, subscribing you, rebloging you, commenting on your content, liking or even traditionally upvoting it as we're definitely used to here.

Make no mistake it's no different In real-time. When you look around. Business are being built everyday. Companies are upgrading, reducing their prices, inculcating short term inducements to promote sales, brands are doing counter advertising to stylishly discredit other brands while patenting their name, now what is this?

This is in other to stay relevant. In the finance world, the sky is not big enough for everyone to fly this is because people are limited in their choices, people are loyal to s brand and hardly switches to another brand that's why producers or brands seems to even be more while average, normal or high end consumer seems to be dwindling. Now the struggle is no more to be in the limelight. Believe me, to burst out of mediocrity to become people's favourite isn't easy but then what is even more difficult is finding the extra creativity to stay relevant in the game.

Knowing The Difference: The "Then" and the "Now"

In the past, the internet have people the choices to build early. Back in the days people became millionaires selling as middlemen on Amazon, back in the days people became wealthy creating intangible jobs on the internet and rendering paid services on places like fiverr but nowadays, more people have entered the realm we now have more providers rather than consumers, the rules are now different, tougher and more difficult to cope with and that's why it's difficult for people to start afresh and build up to the extent where they will become mainstays and of course cement a position.



One of the mistakes people now make is thinking the options on the internet are still as easy as it use to be, the truth is this isn't true. Inasmuch as it's difficult to build relevance in real-time. Either as a company, an organisation or maybe sole proprietors versus other sole proprietors you must understand that it's also as difficult as trying to carve out or find suitable options to become wealthy on the internet.

In truth, the choices on the internet are still their for the taking it only demands for consistency, doggedness, a sense of being "extra", finding out what should work for you and of course allowing time to patent the hard work you're putting in.

Why "The Moment" Is The Right Time

In about 3 weeks now I haven't been consistently active here, blogging and creating, cementing my position, bulging an emblem for myself or maintaining my audience and I have seen how fast it's possible for even someone as me to go down the pecking order. In all honesty anyone can go down no matter their popularity and this also applies to the internet and the numerous opportunities that are open to you.

In the past people have failed to build because they have felt that it's is difficult, currently it's even more difficult than it used to be. If you failed to buy BTC in the past because you thought it was expensive, now it's even more harder to buy. People fail to understand the concept of growth.

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The concept of growth is that it hardly presents you a sign. The right time is the present because inasmuch as there is competitiveness, time is always of the essence and that's why is think knowing that the present is the right time is even tantamount to success. One of the thing you don't need to do is feel there's time to always enter into the game. Everywhere is filled with competition, both in real time and on the internet this is because too much competition makes people employ nefarious means to stay relevance and build a mainstay.

The Conclusion & The Lessons

First of all you have no business with trying to build if you have no material. Some people started very early but along the way, the lost the passion, lost the ability to create and now they're newbies in an industry where they once dominated. Don't reach a decline stage ever! If you're building maybe on YouTube, Instagram or anywhere, you need to understand the implications of going through a period of unproductivity, you need to prepare for when you'll be less creative, do you have a means to maintain relevance, is there a plan to stay adrift?

Many times people go into businesses with the mind that they're facing no competition. The reason why people quit is because they're overwhelmed by the fact that the "extra" they're putting in isn't even enough. They're fazed with trying to know who their audience should be and they're driven away by overexpectancy. The calculated their growth rate to be a specific period but then they didn't just do enough to grow in that stipulated period they have planned.

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I can totally relate to this. Something similar happened when I was addicted to Facebook, I can say I was really famous amongst my peers, I had 11k followers on a private account, not even a page, with this figure, even the total of my school members couldn't sum up to it, honestly it still isn't summing up to it anytime soon either. The sad thing here is that I barely use the account again, that account is no longer relevant, the follow actually reduced to about 10k,so from this Instance, my example proves your point here, it's all supposed to be a journey for the long run, anything that causes retardation will surely ruin the fuckin years of Hard work, regardless of what it is, to stay relevant requires consistency!

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Thanks you for the comment, it's all about staying on track and staying on lane for a really long time because once you lose that creative edge you lose your audience because of the competition out there.

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That's a lesson learnt, but I really don't care about the Facebook account, it doesn't pay me anywhere, plus I could literally build a new one but that would be me wasting my time and money all over again for cheap fame, am so done with that blue app!

The surest way to go about this to find out what works for you and stay relevant always. Cause it's not only about maintaining your audiences because of the struggles and competitions but it's about being relevant and still maintaining that even while fighting for your audience. Nice piece!

Well not many knows what works for them they just want to build successes out of nothing,

Is better to do all necessary calculations, no matter how long it may seem than to start a project without knowing how to back it up. Rushing into something is not advisable because one may end up pulling out or getting frustrated at the long run, thanks for the right up. Goodmorning and !wine

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Thanks for your reply, this is a phenomenon that I feel should be addressed and that's why I have done so. So many people in the right place with the wrong tactics and the wrong motivation. It's necessary to plan and get the right time.

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That's right

This Is Well taken... Thanks for this valuable piece of information.

You pretty much appear to be active since I've known you and yet you are insisting that you have not been as active as you used to be. This shows that whenever you become truly active, this place will be buzzing with a lot of valuable tips and information.

Anything that we have to do now is all about making our name the type that rings bell whenever people hear or see it. There are people that nobody likes to miss their posts while there are others that people don't even care about opening their post to see what it contains.

It starts from knowing the right place to operate and doing it properly. I would also like to improve a lot by being active here and gaining quality followers that I can engage with properly so, all the tips you gave will be taken and will be put into practice

Yeah, I haven't been active as I use to be in like one month. That's because of my health condition and probably because I have exams. This place is my home. It's probably everything investment and property I own both tangible and intangible.
Well thanks for your input always I'm always thrilled to see your comments

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