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I have looked at a lot of contents on Leofinance lately and some of them indirectly markets leo without even knowing it. Now I'm not saying we need these types of content always, but then when a project is just so good you can't stop people from talking about it and that's why public relations supersedes advertising in all aspects, it naturally creates a certain kind of loyalty and love while advertising sometimes is born out of the need to see value rather than the love for what is already available. It's however important to understand that mouth-to-mouth marketing is the most effective form of marketing. I already saw blurt's fork from steem but then I didn't really key into it until @trumpan began to talk about it.

Nowadays we use the traditional media to do mouth-to-mouth marketing and this is always more potent. When someone can use a unique idea to market a project to a person, they generally key into it more than they'll do when they look at ads on the social media. Generally people are beginning to form a negative reception for ads and why is this? The ad industry are always discovering new ways of making people viewing ads and even if the project or idea being conveyed in that ad might be legible, they fact that they're trying to force it on people makes it even more discrediting. Ads might be systematic and automatic but it doesn't leave a potent feeling in the mind of a prospective consumer.


Now back to blockchain projects, the first thing is that money is a huge motivation; now it doesn't necessarily mean that instant or present money is what brings the motivation the prospect that a project will yield tremendous profits in the future also brings a different kind of motivation. Nevertheless money can't be the only motivation because if it is, people will be cashing out instantly when they feel price dips, now price dips are temporary but constant growth and development is what is permanent and what will generally be a prerequisite thatdefines a project that will do well in the future.

There's hardly loyalty in crypto and blockchain project but I basically feel this will change with time. While we have a lot of people going after the massive gains and temporary price ups, the future will only belong to people who buys into project that guarantees or promises healthy, slow but steady returns overtime. Now back to talking about a project on the media. SBD is currently doing a "2017" and when you look at the traditional media you will see people who hasn't tweeted or advertised it in a long time talking about the prices, to me this is actually fake. When people follow prices it doesn't allow them to bring out their mouth to mouth skills while simultaneously giving their media audience the conviction they need to buy into the project which they are talking about.


Now individual Marketing is important, apart from paying professionals to talk about a project, the people who use a project in the first place are the ones that'll have a better marketing ability than people who are just employed to do paid ads, the passion and vibe is always better when people naturally advertise what they love and that's why overtime, mouth-to-mouth advertising attracts realer people who might see a future in the project being shilled or advertised to them while paid ads might just increase viewership and people who are potentially attracted by greed. While greed is always in crypto, excessive of it kills innovations.

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Glad to see you envision the aspect of social media.
I mean this is 2020 and 2021 will keep us more busy.

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Blurt? Why don't you give it a chance?

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