The Validity & Viability Of A Business Venture; What Are The Prospects An Investor Always Looks At?

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I've been in business and investing and human relations for a long time and one thing i have come to understand and learn is that building solidity and reputation is what gets you long-term gains, wealth and sustainable profitability. People are always conscious about where they chose to put their money first of all, they consider the validity of a project because considering it's viability. It's viability amounts to rate of returns they'll get while it's validity will generally talk about how steady this business and will stand, how far it can go. Will it withstand the test of time? Does it have preventive measures to tackle a lot of risks especially one that relates to finance, can it become a mainstay and build a specific framework or structure?

Understandable believe On A Project Owner

This is to say that viability and validity are two things an investor always puts into some consideration but then there's something that also comes into consideration and this is placing an understandable believe on the owner of a project, a business or venture that you plan to invest it. Sometimes sentiments comes into play when investing while this can be good it might also not be too good at the same time. However on the good side; there are times people believe a project and why it will be worthwhile and this is mostly because they feel a person will deliver. This can help to see a business apart from it having validity or viability. When a prospective business owner can garner an understandable believe on him, the need to check for validity and viability wouldn't really come to play again.

Following The Hype & Noise

So while sometimes investing emotionally can yield great results it can also become a reason why we personally stop investing and here's why. There are situations where we might be wrong in our assessment and assertions about how promising a venture can be and this is because we never put viability and validity into play rather we followed a particular trend, we followed the noise, the money and the hype. This is analyzed under investing emotionally. In reality when people become impatient and greedy they always lose in a great deal and that's why sometimes we can be understandably emotional and illogically emotional. But then people sometimes misplace the both and end of not being in the right frame of mind because they've generally been emotional not knowing there's a huge difference between being understandably emotional and being illogically emotional.

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However in crypto sometimes very many people are often illogically emotional not because they chose to but because they are inexplicably drawn to it. The pumps and gains of some projects is always at the forefront of the news and this is what non-crypto newcomer always sees and hence they base their decisions because they've seen outrageous money and this is always what builds a bad reputation for reputable projects. Now the prospect of making outrageous money sometimes blinds people from seeking viability and validity and while it's often their bane they might end up blaming crypto in general for their loss and this can of course make them lose gems and prospects they could have bought into.

Being Understandably Emotional

In conclusion, we often make some uncalculated analysis with it comes to crypto and sometimes calculated analysis when it comes to real time business projects. Greed will always be part of investing but then we need to try as much as possible not to get sucked into it. A little bit of greed sometimes can be reasonable it often makes us daring it wouldn't blind our common sense at all and this is what really matters a lot. By looking straight up it's imperative we look at what really draws us to a project, irrespective of futuristic promises. There are times we knowingly ignore a good business venture not because it's bad but because we're try to wait for validity and this is normal. All in all, investing is still a personal thing and everyone has a wild card

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