The State Of Covid-19 In Nigeria; The Propaganda, Lies & Deceit?

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The state of covid-19 in Nigeria is something I'll like to analyse and categorically I'll start by saying everyone knows covid-19 has been minimal in Africa and West Africa is where it has been the most minimal. But there's been a lot of phenomenal usuality and a different course of action that logically made me deduce the effect of covid-19 on the Nigerian populace, is it actually so aggressive the way the Nigerian government champions it? Why do we have contradicting protective measures for the pandemic? Is it that covid is in some geographical locations in the nation and obviously not in some other geographical location?

Now let us apply some logical explanation. The unemployment rate as a result of covid has affected people more than the virus itself. The government has banned all sorts of social gatherings but approves gatherings for campaigns and electoral commissions. When a politician is campaign to contest in an election, they're allowed to amass a large population, but then institutions are still closed, the educational sector is on lockdown and it feels like the way the way the pandemic is handled there are no even actions taken.

Recently there was a mass number of people that gathered to protest terrible governance and the surprising thing is that there was no report of anyone contacting Covid-19 but then public figures stuck in their houses contracts the virus from thin air without even being in contact with anyone, don't you smell a fishy propaganda?

Personally 99% of people who have contracted the virus has been public figures only, does this means it's only the layman that is equipped enough to protect himself from the virus? The layman's chances of contacting the virus is higher because going about even with masks on to look for means of survival, to work and to make money is even higher, being in contact with potentially sick people increases the chances Irrespective of the protective measures.




How come it's public figures who are caught up in their mansions with probably enough money to last then for 20 years that are the ones contracting the virus? They have categorised Covid-19 to only affect the rich and this is to create the impression that Nigeria is highly infested with Covid-19 but we all know this isn't true.

The Nigerian government are full of scheming personnel's and their aim to monetize covid to their advantage has worked quite well but the aim to keep it working by announcing a second lockdown despite no alarming rate of the virus hasn't worked and why will it not even work? In the beginning people were uncertain of the virus and reacted rather obediently to directives but one of the reasons why the government couldn't maintain this ruse is because in the beginning and now they have failed to make provision for the more than 200 million citizens scattered across 36 states, due to their failure to do so they couldn't keep people at home on lockdown and many revolted, floundered the Covid-19 lockdown rules.

A lot of the Nigerian populace depends on a daily means to feed and hence keeping them at home without proper providence will only result in revolt. The Nigerian government wanted to kill to birds with one stone, keep the people at home, convince external government to give them grant, create fake numbers below par isolation centers while cashing out big on monies granted them by countries like England.

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The use of face masks and nose masks has been somewhat surprising too, for example people don't wear masks unless they're going for a formal outing, in banks and malls and maybe restaurants masks are only worn when you're entering these places, but immediately you're inside you're free to remove the mask, isn't this utterly ridiculous? You actually don't need to be a medical personnel to understand that covid-19 in Nigeria is a hoax. We're blest to not have seen what the likes of Italy are experiencing and the government kept the airports opened, rather than protecting the country from external penetration, then allow for the economy to function as usual.

In conclusion, we're all slaves to their schemes. Government schemes are to convince people that covid was in full effect the way it was in the US and other which isn't a bad thing; prevention is better than cure, being proactive is better than undertaking risk management.

But they should have been plain truthful about the state of covid-19 w Nigeria and they should have made arrangements and provision to keep people on lockdown but then this wasn't so. Everyone understands the state of the virus in Nigeria but then the government keeps doing what they do best; strengthening their hold in a bid to control.

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Glad people like you keeps their eyes opened.
Curfews in place but mass transportations open to allow people to go to work.
Restaurants closed but supermarkets opened.
The list is long.
Governments have accepted money in exchange of their own economy destruction.

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It's ironical that we're fighting covid in only some ramifications. The Nigerian government are very deceitful and they have probably found a scheme to continuously earn money provided the nation is on lockdown.

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Central bankers, IMF, WHO all working together to incentivise governments for bigger COVID figures and increased lockdowns. The more the economy is on its knees the better for them to make profit out of it.
They’ve been continuously doing that for decades, you can check how they’ve done that in asia with Japan and Thailand.
Great book and documentary about that: the princes of the yen.

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We choose them to serve us but they have vowed to starve us.

The last time I checked, they said the number of death from covid in Nigeria is a hundred and twenty three or there about. During the EndSars protest, Nigeria's who lost their lives across the 36 states are more in number that covid has killed since march. After which our president made a speech and made no mention of the killings even up till now, this is a clear indication that they don't care about us and the lockdown isn't because they care our safety but just an obvious indication that they are fighting for their pocket

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