The Market Situation With Hive Vs Leo; Why This Is A Revamp Process Rather Than A Competition

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A Market Analogy

There's a market situation where a company goes through a stage of redundancy, their stock decreases and their sales plummet, there's no demand for the products they've put out in the market and even their shareholders and stakeholders are retracting and thinking of ending the business relationship with the company because of one obvious thing; the company is in the decline stage and they need to get out early on to salvage their loss.

But then one of the reasons why companies don't exactly go into decline and stay there forever is because sometimes a company might ten produce in the market, nine are underperforming based on sales and returns but then one produce keeps doing well, bringing in profit to cover up for the nine produce thereby keeping the company in business in other for them to revamp a re-growth strategy.

This market phenomenon is relatively the same with hive. Everyone knows hive is currently not doing to well, but staying in business due to the dapps. What do I mean? Hive is not wanted like we wish it could, I was speaking to @tarazkp yesterday about how scarcity in the long-term will keep leo afloat and going and in this current circumstances, hive isn't attractive.

This is obviously because we have more sellers than buyers, we have more people who are using the stagnant prices as an excuse to sell off all their investments and this is the reason why hive seem to be in hot waters even when it's imminent that the alt coin bull might just be around the corner, but then there's a catch; hive is staying in business because of really amazing projects like Leo and 3speak.



The Relationship With Hive & Leo

There's no way you will interact with these project without indirectly providing audience with hive. What is happening is a symbiotic relationship with a blockchain and diverse projects built on it, like the analogy I gave, hive is the base company while Leo is one of the produce that's doing well in the market.

The company itself, at the base is going through turbulence due to their lack of sales and their strategy aren't working but irrespective of this, a produce is still going on to do well in the market, now does this mean that the produce retains that success without directly attributing or relating bzckt to the company? No. This isn't possible, the produce will infact grow itself, make more money for the base company because the company is the parent manufacturer and the reason why that produce is in the market in the first place.

Individually Leo isn't bad for hive and hive isn't bad for Leo. Hive originally provides a platform through which Leo is built and that's why you have builders, building with Leo and coming back to build with hive as well users like @revise.leo and @taskmaster4450le are basic examples. In reality I hit like 23k hive power and infact I'm happy that despite the redundant stage that hive finds itself in, I can grow with it while focusing on the projects that are built on it.

In all honesty, I believe hive will stay in business and do well in the long run and this is not because of my sentiments of total loyalty towards hive, I'm saying this because it's only logical; with the massive attention hive dapps and projects are garnering hive will stay afloat, maybe a little bit stagnant but it'll get to a stage where the people selling will stop selling because they have no more to sell this is a starting point. Leo for me will establish a dominance and onboarding in the next two years will be staggering.



Whats Wrong With The System?

This is to say that, a lot people will come for the Leo and eventually many will stay for the hive, many will come for 3speak and splinterland but some will stay with hive, choosing to build along the way. One of the reasons why this may not currently be evident is because it will take a gradual process and time. If i particularly bought and loved a produce, I'll double back to the brand to check if it has other good produce to buy, this is when I will eventually find out that the brand itself is declining.

But then I might decide to stay because I have been thrilled or convinced by its only produce that attracted me and making waves in the market. This is exactly the situation happening with hive. The system isn't broken, market actions are. Growth is something each and everyone will gradually contribute to. You can't keep selling but expect the price to go up, we need strategies to makes hive attractive but apart from this the system is perfect. Cheers, to the moons

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It's always nice to read you. You explain in a simple way and one feels that you speak (write) from the heart, even if it is technical subjects like these.

Thank you for giving us your opinion about this "disjunctive" or apparent "rivalry" between Hive and Leo. The truth is, both complement each other and both have a future.

A hug.

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Thank you for appreciating my piece, it's always heartwarming to get such a stunning feedback, I think simplicity is what makes for better understanding and that's was why I chose to write in this way, in this instance it's the alleged rivalry between hive and Leo, thanks a lot for the support and the vote I'm utterly grateful.

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