The Imperfect Leverage; How Do You Sell Decentralisation To Centralised "Freaks"?

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We decentralised freaks; we love our privacy, we hate exploitation and of course we do not let anyone to use our data to spy on us or exchange this for mega bucks, while we keep bankrolling them by patronising their coy attempts to patronise us.

But then how do we sell decentralisation to people who of course see no wrong in centerlisation? Basically I feel we're in the digital age of "freedom" people are so in so love with these modern day social medias because people love attention, a lot of people spend their own personal money to get validation from public opinion on facebook and this is the reasons why we keep seeing more people building their brand, their businesses and their online presence exclusively without any backup plans.

People are only beginning to wake up to censorship because they seem to be losing their means of income on YouTube and the likes.

This means that people don't feel threatened if their data is compromised, the only way people feel threatened is if their source of livelihood is taken from them but truth is, data is valuable as much as money is.

Privacy is the opposite of popularity, people on social medias have graduated from using Facebook to keep in contact with their loved ones for economics purposes, models are posting their nudes for photographers and sponsors to see, artists are posting their work in other to get noticed by maybe a big art industry and people are going all out to buy popularity how then do we tell them that this is sheer exploitation?

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I don't know about in the foreign media spaces, but in the Nigeria social media space, many people do not know about privacy, they just want to take advantage of the buzz on social media to grow their offline businesses, how then do we convince them that their data is being exploited, do they care, decentralisation is difficult, nobody wants to lead everyone wants to be led.

People are comfortable with taking crumbs they don't care about who is collecting the huge millions, they system is wired in such a way that knowledge isn't leveraged. People do not want to explore other possibilities they want to remain in the system that seems popular and familiar to them and this doesn't help with how we aim to sell decentralisation.

Nevertheless, nothing good is ever easily obtainable. While people are clamouring towards exposure they forget that though decentralisation in its earliest stages will eventually offer more. Arists on Facebook can easily stop their work from being exploited.

You can see people parading other people's value on their vlogs and platform on social medias while earning from it. On a place like NFTs, you can own your data, have true ownership for your work and prevent abuse and exploitation. We can't fail to keep mentioning this everytime.

But then these big tech companies will keep leveraging people's ignorance, their quest for fame and popularity to own their data and of course benefit from it this is the reason why they'll keep telling people that they'll eventually decentralise their centerlisation

Jack Dorsey has intermittently tried this with twitter but then, this is just a huge sham. People by themselves will need to embrace decentralisation irrespective of how different it might totally seem. It's possible to build a decentralised network, this is possible, but then a decentralised web is eventually the long game.

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decentralised web is eventually the long game.

And that is where hive is headed :)

Exactly, you're totally right, the future of the web looks somwhat like hive, eventually it's inevitable

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That's easy one. Make it easy to use. The benefits on centralisation is everything is done for you. All you got to do is click and done.

If you can make decentralisation that simple people will flood to it!

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One thing I have come to realise is that decentralisation might get easier and more accessible with time. I have an inkling that blockchain wouldn't

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This is true, it is more about the UI and how they can be layered ontop of all the various systems. Big work though

Hopefully we can have something so easy and adoptable.

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You are a thoughtful man. So here is a vote for Proof of brain estimated to be worth 121 POB.

Ahhhh thanks for the vote, its well appreciated.

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