The Concept Of Bureaucracy; Why Blockchain Technology Is The Only Thing That Negates It's Continuous Existence

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Bureaucracy In Overview

If there's one thing we call progress that will be bureaucracy and sometimes we fail to understand he how this eventually hinders innovations or growth. Bureaucracy is following a certain stereotype, a certain rule, a system which has been set despite its flaws it's lack of innovations, for a long period of time despite change demanding to be forestalled.

We sometimes tend to forget that time renders set ideas redundant, what is relevant today wouldn't be relevant tomorrow and the concept of bureaucracy is one of the reasons why certain things like heavily centralised internet medias is refusing to give way for the internet to be personalised, customised, owned or individualized. Overtime, it has been proven that ownership will slide into the hands of private people.

This is the reason why systems like capitalism replaced socialism or communism. When you take a look at a country like Nigeria, bureaucracy is one of the reasons why her economy is stagnant. There are so many organisations that still follows the principles they had when they came into inception.

They haven't found ways to better their servicing, the ways of operations, their hierarchical structure or even their leadership system as well as employment strategies. This makes it difficult for innovation to come from all round. The system of operations in the Nigerian economic sector is designed to favour some type of people and this rotation goes on without a change.

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Bureaucracy In The Nigerian Labour Market.

People with technical skills for example are seen as outlaws especially if they don't have a university degree to back it up. Newbies starting out in the finance industry and other sectors are hardly employed by big firms or industries simply because they have a bureaucractic system set in place that only people with years of experience from other firms can work for them.

Now this rotation means that People are never given chances to do things anew, the concept of godfatherism and nepotism hides under bureaucracy and sometimes I even feel it's one of the reasons why we have racism in so many finance organisations. Now while we can't equate racism, godfatherism and nepotism to bureaucracy, I certainly feel that they're phenomenon which hides under bureaucracy.

When we look at this globally; bureaucracy lies majorly in centralised medias although this isn't always true, entities and system but this isn't to say we can't find it in decentralised entities too. The only way to kill bureaucracy is to attain the highest or purest form of decentralisation whereby people can individually create a space where they can create their own innovations and have it influence their web in a billion spin of webs that cover the whole decentralised sphere.

This is totally futuristic and no where near what we can attain in 10 years. Why I think this is so is because bureaucracy have come a long way and it might be a dogged system that might be difficult for us to be rid of. The inability to make quick decisions as a result of protocols is bureaucracy.

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Bureaucracy: The Constraint

Many have argued that bureaucracy keeps people in check but then I have measured it's advantages and I have found its limitations to be even greater. The concept of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology was born out of the need to break protocols and create diversity from the stereotyped ways the world currently works, so many people will be able to find their ways in this world where limited chances only lies with the rich, the wealthy and those in power.

The world is heavily bureaucratic and even freer systems like capitalism have been tainted too. We can't argue that the world is limited in everything and there's no enough space for everyone to be individually outstanding without creating an unfair structure. We have seen the only thing that negates bureaucracy and that is blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, this is where we will begin to build a different future.

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Interesting post. I enjoyed this explanation of bureaucracy and its stranglehold on innovation and change. Many inherently feel the negative energy of bureaucracy, but few delve into these feelings like this. Life is full of rabbit holes which require carefull thought and understanding to derive clearer meaning and potential solutions.

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Thank you for the feedback, bureaucracy needs to be somewhat addressed, keeping people in the chain or hold of stereotype because of rules and regulations can be totally crazy, we need more expression of people coming together to change the world despite the principles it was built on

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