Skills Vs Degree: Wastefulness In The Sight Of Plenty?

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I went on to YouTube to watch a few videos to learn about how to perfectly use my Samsung m31s camera quite well and basically I have learnt a lot. In the world we're heading Into people with skillset will definitely be able to add more value we're heading into a more practical world and know-how's are knowledges that would sell even better in the future.

Now I have one issue, nowadays people are learning skills more on the internet more than they're learning from schools, colleges and even varsities. Africa has some of the best universities in the world but then you don't don't find high end productivity from even these so called graduates who has MSC's BSC's and even PHD. I have once talked about how bureaucracy is the problem of Africa.

While there's an economic stance that equates education with being knowledgeable and innovative people have taken to university degrees to rather stay in the comfort of offices and air conditions even if these opportunities are in the ratio of ten to one thousand university or polytechnic graduates.

In essence it's important that people are financially educated. While people learn theoretically how to be entepreneurs they're never shown what it means to be entepreneurs and that is why it's difficult to build dependency skills on one's skillsets. The ironic thing is that university degrees are so expensive but some of the things you'll learn there are even free on places like YouTube.

Take it from me, education is a fantastic legacy, but it's purely meant to expose you to knowledge of which might or might not financially benefit you and that's why I think it shouldn't really be expensive. Look at the world currently most people owe student debts from university degrees they have and they're tied to these debts paying it all their lives.

They become debt slaves whether they have jobs or not and this makes it difficult to them to live their financial lives without always having to prune it to paying debts for a long time. Truth is there's a competition for education in the world despite that it's end product doesn't guarantee you the means to be financially free or gainfully employed.

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Truth is, teachers are underpaid but education in itself is expensive so where does all this money go to? The administrators? The government? Wo spends the outrageous student loans that are being paid by students constantly?. In Nigeria, there's hardly student loan this makes education to be a "pay as you go" thing.

Nevertheless some state universities and colleges and private are so expensive. The amount you'll pay in four to six is too excruciating but because people are willing to pay anything for a degree, less people are willing to invest money to learn a skill or go develop themselves in the labour market. This forces education to be expensive because it's in demand and the forces of demand and supply will eventually make it even more expensive in the future.

Some of the Chinese in Nigeria that are constructing the Nigerian railway tracks hardly have university degrees but they always cement contract deals worth billions of Nigerian naira because they have the skills and the technical know-how.

They're supervisor to even Nigerian graduates who only studied technical course in school but do not really know the onus of that work. It's ironical that the Nigerian president doesn't even have a university degree or any equivalent college degrees but he's considered fit to lead people with cargos and cargo loads of degree, why is this? This is because he's accrued political skills and that skillset is somewhat considered better than learning how to govern in a tertiary institution.

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Nevertheless it's a irony that will continue to baffle me. People without degrees are not given opportunities, they have to carve it out themselves. Yet, it's illogical that people pay so much to be educated and they end up not utilising their degrees for anything. I mean where are all the billions being put into the federal, state and private pockets? How is the accountability towards these money.

When can't education be virtually affordable so that even if it isn't lucrative it wouldn't be a no-brainer? But no! Education worldwide is virtually expensive even when the skillsets taught are given for nearly nothing on some online courses. However I feel the demand for education needs to reduce before we can have cheap and affordable education system worldwide. But the discrimination between skills and degree needs to end as we even more need the later to create more individualistic innovations going forward.

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It's a tricky situation, becausae if everyone had a degree (because it was free, accessible and so on) then there would be job shortages I guess (too many skilled people) and it'd be difficult to pay all the people who are in charge of the education system, from support stuff to those who write curriculum and teach it, to cleaners and so on - I mean, education is a profit industry in itself. BUT - it kinda annoys me that things that you could learn on youtube or from life school, you need a degree for - that costs a lot of money you have to give back. Like plumbing, or mechanics - my hsuband does all of these himself, and isn't trained formally in those things - but he couldn't make a career out of them because he hasn't got a degree (he does have a physics degree, and a teaching degree). Oh the world is crazy. Sometimes I just wish we'd go back to living in small groups and simple trades for barter. It'd make for an easier and happier life.

Of course it wouldn't be free, I am only championing that education be cheaper because in a place like Nigeria even people are paying so much it totally doesn't make sense to enrich a cycle of oligarchs while there is no end product to the degree that is been acquired for paying so much, it seems like a no-brainer to me. The government are the one embezzling all these funds and even paying shareholders very little. Outside the country you see students owing student debt.
Now if these debts are being cancelled, I don't think it would have checked the government's pocket because they have a lot of money. At the end of the day the government gains more while the people suffer, it's always a one-way traffic

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Schools will become obsolete at some point. They don't provide real life solutions to world's problems nor do they teach students fundamental stuff they should learn.

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This could be our Micheal Saylor!

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I basically replied nicely to him.

Nevertheless some state universities and colleges and private are so expensive.

Baba we have so many problems in this country and these problems will take ages to be tackled.

There is a huge difference between formal education and financial education. I would always prefer the later to the former.

Even as at that I still think that formal education should teach people financial education because it wouldn't be just expensive for nothing.

Yeah, but it always been the usual way - reading and following what have been written years back. This is 21st century.

I've never had an issue with being learned but one of the problems I have with schools is that the money people spend throughout their yes towards academic pursuit end up wrecking the financial position of the people that trained the person.

It would have been better if the person is studying with an assurance that he will get a well-paying job but what we see in Nigeria is the opposite of what we are supposed to see. Some people pay 200k each session in school cool but once they graduate, they will be getting a job that struggles to pay them 30K

One of the things that needs to be done about this is the first reshuffle the syllable of all this academic institutions so that they will be more focused on teaching people what they are supposed to know. I can remember that I studied some irrelevant courses in my university but most of these courses were just there so that they will make sure that I will be able to be in the school for complete 4 years.

Even the lecturers are now making things worst because every single one of them end up writing material for every single course that they're teaching and all these adds up to things that will determine if a student will pass or fail

Nice post. Congrats!

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I am about to finish my four-year degree at a university in America and find myself believing more and more that it was a waste of time. Though my university is supposed to be prestigious, I feel as if I have learned much more outside of the classroom from the people that I have met along the way. Perhaps it is time as a society to stop placing such a high emphasis on spending four years of your life being told what you should study and maybe we should allow ourselves to pursue our passions more freely without the restrictions that come along with a pre-designed track.

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