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RE: The Danger From The Likes Of Facebook

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Its no wonder one needs s facebook account to sign in to almost everything online nowadays, the control of Google is what is even more disturbing, it's funny how a billions of people on the internet pays relativity no attention to this I mean, just a few people are awakening to this but it's not even enough impact.

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You hit upon something very big and the theme of my article tomorrow.

It is something we need to look at.

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Of course, I'll be hoping to read and engage and usual, I definitely feel it's s big issue and it's actually quite alarming too.

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It is a big issue and one worthy of exploring ideas about. We need to keep up discussions like this.

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Exactly, I mean a regular Facebooker would have their lives tremenduosly changed I mean a lot of them don't even know how the world is changing.

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Many found out that an algo change on Facebook wiped out their business in a day.

The platform is more than just social media. That is what people need to realize. Social media and finance are becoming one.

I am not sure FB would sit well with people in that light. But that is what is happening.

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I want that article now. I like being pleased, not teased. 😁


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Aww. I was trying to show support for one of my new favorite authors. I didn't mean to present as demanding or impatient.

You like being teased a little, it's only natural :)


Hmmm. Odd. I think you might be right. I feel like I didn’t need to know this. 😊