Crisis And Governance: How Nigeria Is Slipping Into Decadence

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Prior to my recording this video, the price of rice per derica a staple commodity is ₦600 it's currently selling above ₦650 but scratch that. In 24 hours of just recording this video, over 70 people have been killed in Lagos alone as a result of flaunting the curfew order that's currently taking over the country. As it stands the Nigeria government is cutting CCTV feeds in protesting grounds, Cutting off electricity feeds and murdering protesters in the still of the night, shooting unarmed people who's crimes was to ask for a better government. The toll gate which was the venue of the massacre has been blocked for days now by protesters and allegedly political warhead Ahmed Tinubu makes about 250 million naira in just a matter of days from the exact toll gate blocked by people was part of the people ordered the military strike on people in the late hours of Tuesday October 20th.
In this video I talk about the Financial implications of the protest and how it might affect people in a long time. I also talk about how external interference is needed from confederal organisation like the UN and why it's also necessary for England to step up and declare the Nigerian government null and void.

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That's insane - killing people in the night. How is your day to day movements ? Is there any impact ? Is it like only the protesters are targeted ?

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The protesters are targeted and killed and the states are declaring curfew one by one, killing the commercial aspect and putting people in hunger, pain and fear. Mostly protestors but almost everyone in Nigeria is protesting, the situation has gone out of hands. Blood on the street