The Main Reasons Why The Nigerian Government Are Hungry For People's Data

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By now you should understand that Data equals control. When you own the data of someone it does a lot of things to you. First it gives you access to them, it allows you quicker accessibility to things like their lives, what they're prefer buying, how they earn their money or even datas like their name, potential password to their bank application.

Accessibility to their sim information which of course can be used to change their codes and access the money in their banks and the second thing would be that these datas can be sold to centralised entities.

In this video, I talk about the history of data gathering by the federal government and how the government keeps lying that these datas are meant to secure people.
I also talk about how government is centralising security which creates an oligarch monopoly.

I speak about why the government needs to decentralise the attempt or give people the responsibility of securing their own datas by themselves.

At the end I talk about the reasons why the Nigerian government is so desperate to own people's data and why this shouldn't be so.

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The way these government are seeing the issue of security is completely channelled towards being in total control of everything that goes on with the citizens.

My major issue with all these is that when they are capturing people's information and claim to be putting it in a database, such database are not usually very secure and if anything should happen to them a lot of people's data will be used for public caricature.

Well, most of all these are becoming compulsory in Nigeria so even someone that have a car and decides to fill his car will not be able to move around friend if he fails to acquire NIN.

This is already causing a lot of problem in my area

Wow! Link the national identity with your sim card. They offer your security so they have more control. I think this will be the same in many countries soon. They are trying to start a national digital identity in Jamaica but many are against it! Very insightful as usual bro!

Nice discussion but I think the problem of Nigeria is corruption within the country and even private institutions.

In Nigeria , there's no sense of responsibility and if the government can't be accountable for their actions , then there's nothing much to expect from the country as a whole.

As regards the the security issues , we all know that in Nigeria you can get away with just about any crime with the right bargaining price.

Nigeria I feel is far from change and development that will come from constructive reason, planning and a safe environment to execute such plans