How Crypto & Blockchain Has Become A Huge Saving Grace In Countries With A Failed Financial Structure.

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In Nigeria it's difficult to market your skillsets especially because there are no platforms necessary to do so. Th system isn't just centralised alone, it takes and takes without giving anything in return. It creates vast wealth from people and places and instead of giving back in form of amenities and creating platforms and opportunities the only thing Nigeria does as a financial system is take from both the rich and poor and gives it to the rich. One of the reasons why many people with different kinds of skills are migrating to other countries is that there are no opportunities to turn various skills into money. The way the system is designed, it doesn't create an avenue or foundation for a beginner to start afresh, majorly the Only way you can thrive in Nigeria is if you already have money then you can use the money to make more money.

Now I'm not saying you don't need money to make money but then it's almost impossible to start afresh with little or no money, putting your skills in place in other to make money. I'm a creative writer and before I found Crypto and blockchain in 2017 I was living in abject poverty. I could write prose, perform spoken words and even write poetry to a professional level but then my skills were nothing because it couldn't transform to financial means which I needed to push a career in writing. Fashion designing, tailoring, carpentry are some of the things you can engage in to make money and this is because people directly need these because it's like a basic need of life but then even secondary skills like artistry, sculpting, poetry writing, or speaking abilities aren't directly marketable.

Now instead of empowering institution that can indirectly create wealth for the masses. The system only creates wealth for the few. Condemning it to a oligarch setting. Now even private wealth owners do not want to be angel investors, invest in the skills of people and give them the opportunity to create wealth themselves. Rather, these private owners put money into the hands of already established ventures therefore putting the resources or money into the hands of those who already had the money. As for someone like me, my writing skills isn't marketable in the Nigerian market. There are so many people who have creative prospect that can make huge impact. First of all it's evident Nigeria can not provide Jobs for the millions of graduates who leaves varsity every year, so apart from giving them stipends at youth service why not craft out finance ventures?

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My Thoughts And Plans?????

I actually don't have a long-term plans about what to really do once I finish diploma. Due to lack of finance and niggling health issues I might not really chase further degrees. So what are the opportunities open to me? Non. Truth is, blockchain and crypto has saved a lot of people from poverty more than any system in Africa. There are majorly two things young people turn to when they don't have the opportunity to automatically translate their degree into a job and that job into money and this is fraud and armed robbery but then crypto has become the third choice. The internet on its own has created a massive structure and monetization has become something we're recently seeing, off a service and get paid

But then the internet has even been decentralised further and on the flip side with crypto and luck you can become a millionaire. So some of the skills which aren't lucrative or marketable in a country like Nigeria is of course marketable on the internet. Many people would give anything to know to how extensive write and capture the attention of a massive audience while earning money but then even with an education this skills doesn't automatically come with having a degree. In a nutshell African countries are the ones that crypto might have even benefitted more from. Therefore it should be more accepted and viable in Africa and it can be a way to to create wealth amongst a lot of people who the working financial system in Nigeria has currently failed.

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One of the reasons why many people with different kinds of skills are migrating to other countries is that there are no opportunities to turn various skills into money.

🤔 Hmmm... That one really hit me and it is nothing but the raw truth. Come to think of it, the one thing that scares me most is the fact that the chances of one getting a decent job with the certificate acquired after school is 1/10. Yet, a lot of us Nigeria fight so hard to go to school, spend countless of money into these education without a backup plan and many would just come out to tell tales and stories as experience to the young aspirants who will still likely make the same mistake.

I'm still in school but then I won't chase all those so called bsc and MSc it's of no use plus I don't have a sponsor so why should I spend on what I'm not certain will yield me money? Absolutely not. This country is something else and it's not Ideal to turn one's skills into money

Yea, the lack of turning skills into money is a major problem for we in the country. Very very difficult to see one who will look up at your skill and decide to invest in you to build it up. You must have skill, and still have money to make money out of that skill. Nonsense!

Exactly, it still falls back to having money before anyone can do anything in this country, it's crazy by the way