The Financial & Political Ineptitude In African Countries; What Types Of Reforms Are Needed to Change This?

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Boycotting education in tertiary level is a decision each Nigerian youth can make to cripple the education system from getting the huge amount of money they actually rake in per annum or per session. In this video I discuss about the lack of of due process to politics, democracy and governance in Africa. Majorly having the wrong people in power in majorly African states results to embezzlement or mismanagement of fund and this is one of the reasons why the Nigerian citizens are on the streets protesting for a change in governance.
One of the tool that's used to control the electorate and people in governance is poverty, people are bribed to put the wrong people in power and the suffer the consequences of having this people in power.
Power resides with the people but then people are ignorant when it comes to Citizenship education.
In this video I also talk about the steps which we can take to actually bring reforms in African states. Citizens in different African countries needs to understand that they have power and protesting against a government without respect for human lives and right isn't the only way.

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