330$; Is The Samsung galaxy M31s Totally Worth It? (A Review)

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So due to the hype of the Samsung M31, I decided to buy the even better Samsung galaxy M31s and I must say I haven't been rather taken away like I totally expected, @sanjeevm was the one I know that uses this device and while I wouldn't say it wasn't worth the price I'd have to confess that it's been stellar, the quality has rather been good even if it hasn't totally taken me away.

One of the reason I spent about 330$ to buy this device was because I needed a decent device with a stunning camera, a decent processor and of course a long lasting battery life. And this device tends to suit up everything, there are devices that can do this especially the Samsung A71 but then that's way close 370$ which I couldn't afford.



Nevertheless the internet is a place where we buy what we see, what is shilled and advertise, from beginning a potential buyer's mind is often twisted and they change from the original idea they have to the hype they have seen. Inasmuch as we already have a specifications sometimes our choices are swayed especially when the mind is not set on what to buy, we often go for the best advertised products because we feel we have already known them.

Flawless advertising doesn't mean or prove quality and that is why people buy through the hype rather than buying what might be more qualitative for them. In a nutshell where in a world where the best advertised quality products sells more because people constantly key into what they see and hear and this creates a certain kind of appeal before they even set out to buy.


Wide angle lense

Consumer's Feedback After Purchase?

So after about using the Samsung galaxy M31s for about 25 days I'll generally rate bmy satisfaction level to be 7/10 and why is this? Inasmuch as we have a 64mp main camera the Samsung galaxy A51 48mp main camera seems way better, although the HDR level on the night shot is spectacular, this is to say that the night shot of the Samsung M31s is great better than daylight shots but then I use camera more in the day. the front camera is quite good for making videos nothing spectacular, it's pictures in low light are average but pictures taken by the front camera in good light is good nothing spectacular, but the shots from the main camera is great is good lighting.

The live focus is average, picture quality is reduced. Features like single take are virtually useless and the ability to switch to a front view when making a video which is a really great feature is cool.
The processing ability is good nothing spectacular, while some Samsung brands uses Snapdragon, this one used the enxynos Samsung made processor. The display is stunning, the battery is good nevertheless for 6000 MAH, I wouldn't be too impressed.


Back camera live focus

Consumers Satisfaction?

There are so many other things I could talk about but then I reviewed this specs based on the fact that I'm focusing on the camera mainly, the processor, the display and the battery because these are the main specs I had in mind before buying into this. All round the super Amoled display has stunned me, although there is no gcam or Google camera yet for the m31 because it's a rather new device produced in mid 2020, I think I have been totally satisfied, there's value for money but then due to the hype and my previous experience with the Samsung galaxy A51 I felt I was in for something astronomical but then the hype didn't match the expectations but I'm 7/10 satisfied with what I have bought and hope to use it for up to 2 years.



Money is hard to come by, but buying into a phone that aids one's vlogging, blogging and picture taking is essential. I decided to buy into Samsung because the tech behind iPhones are generally alien to me, I live in a country where electricity is a hurdle and this means I need a device that will be on at all period in time. This isn't to say iPhones aren't good, they're good but rather expensive and well since Samsung has a quality make to it that's why I have decided to buy into a Samsung device.

Tech is becoming more expensive, having quality specs all in one device is difficult to come by and that's why you pay more to have close to 5 or 6 specs in one phone. I love Samsung in general, the display does it for me. I have added some pictures I have taken with this device and maybe after 6 months I'll have something different to say about it. Investment wise? The future will decide it it's worth it overtime. But currently I'm satisfied.

All images courtesy of my Samsung M31s

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$330 isn't too much for a piece of essential tech that's likely to last you a couple of years.

One of the best purchases I ever made was the Mac Book I'm writing this on - it just works! Worth every penny.

I use Samsung phones myself, the cheaper varieties, but a 12MP camera is all I need, they are a reliable brand.

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You're definitely right, the fact that I might use it for a couple of years is an added advantage really but then 330$ is s huge amount of money considering the economy, I know the Samsung you're referring to, those device are awesome.

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12 MP in here. Got the S7 for 4 years now.

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I really like the camera of samsung and the display is really amazing. I have seen this smartphone, few of my friends have this one.,
Thanks for the review 😊🙏

You're welcome, I guess the hype is awesome, the marketing skills sold this one for me.

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Features like single take are virtually useless

And that is what they marketed this model for , I am even frustrated with the face recognition - it does not recognize, if there are not enough lights. I will never buy a Samsung phone again.

The Face recognition is probably terrible in low light. the fact that it didn't come with a casing is even worse. But then I'm okay with other aspects of the device.

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I haven't really been a fan of Samsung products but the truth is that it's because of the high cost attached to it in comparison to some other products.

Well, the features that l'm seeing is worth the cost and your will surely enjoy this phone while shooting your videos.

Well Done Bro

Thanks a lot man, you're right about it being an expensive product, hopefully I get value for money.

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Samsung is really an alternative to iPhone here in Africa that there's no stable electricity.

Hope to get a lower product like A20s soon too

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The A20 series are good I know the device. Hopefully you can get them.

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I hope so.

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I am a Samsung user for more than 6 years and quite satisfied about the brand. I will buy a Chinese one though as my next phone, I guess an Oppo. For mid range phones I believe the Chinese are better. Samsung has made really good quality phones though.

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@josediccus, Hope that this Investment will enhance your Productivity and also help in your Vlogging Journey. Have a abundant time ahead and stay blessed.

I am not a big fan of Samsung and last year I purchased A51 (first time using Samsung phone).
At the initial days if usages it ws quite good but after some months I observed that the phone had hanging problem. Camera us decent no doubt but if you are not able to use the camera because the phone get handed at that moment then the camera is of no use....

Hopefully the new model will be come with the new updated and hope they will be free from those problems...

Congratulations on getting a new phone, I hope it enhances your blogging and picture taking thereby setting you on a higher level. I also hope that you regain multiples of multiple of the money spent on it.

Am a fan of good and detailed camera too as I make artworks and take pictures after every piece of my work is completed.

Enjoy your new phone brother.

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