#MyHiveGoals - Time To Get To Work...

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Updated! MyHIVEGoals For 2020.png

And away we go...

No more 'new year's resolutions'...

No more 'Oh this is my plans for 2021'...

No more 'taking it easy'...

It's time to get to work, roll up the sleeves and build these stacks on the most remarkable blockchain online!

150,000 Hive Power

HiveStats 1.png

Blew past 94,000 Hive Power last week, and time to keep stacking as much as I can.

I still can't believe Hive is this cheap, but I'm not sure that will last for long....Especially with all the press and publicity this chain should be getting in the next few days and week....When it comes to true decentralization.

150,000 - 94,217.939 = 55,782.07 left to go

Fun times ahead...Keep stacking!

20,000 LEO Power


This project man...

It's like the best kept secret online and we're all able to be a part of it now!

I did o.k. this past week, and what's cool is the support from the LEO community from all my posts...Amazing stuff!

20,000 - 10,346.777 = 9653.223 left to go

I'm on pace for a great year with LEO....Just need to keep it going :)

100 Hive / Day Income

30.307 Rewards / Day from Creation
2.68 Rewards / Day from Curation
3.05 Hive / Day from @dlease
8000 SIM / Day from @dcitygame (Approx. 36 HIVE)
10 Hive / Day from Misc. Projects

Approx. 82.037 Hive Per Day in Income

That's actually a lot closer than I anticipated....Now we just need Hive to pump a little LOL

Still this is awesome and I should be able to hit this goal fairly soon!

Very exciting stats and we're only a week into 2021!

25 Dolphins In CTP & CTP Token @ 5 Cents

We're still at 13 but once again, so many community members right at the cusp!

Let's keep pushing and moving forward. I think when the new CTPtalk.com launches, we'll see just a little bit more excitement around CTP land ;)

Current Price of CTP Token on Hive Engine And Leo Dex



HiveEngineSmartContractsontheHiveblockchain 2.png

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Not bad at all, The LEO one is going to be the difficult one as prices continue to climb. The sooner you can get it in the better honestly.

So for me my planning / thinking is as follows. I'm curious if yours is and what other people think.

The new year always motivates the hell out of me lol So I put forth big goals ones I'm not even sure I can hit but something to really strive for.

I take that goal and I break it down into what I need to make each day to hit that goal by years end.

From there I watch it daily and see what actions and areas I need to focus in if I fall short. If I beat it that's a good feeling but it motivates me more to thinking I can hit this goal BEFORE years end and I strive to hit that target as quickly as possible.

That's my minds thinking and what keeps me going. Anyways Keep it up!

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Yeah man, that's a great way to look at it.

The smaller achievable goals really start to add up if you manage them properly.

And so true about LEO....It'll be tough! But I'm a stubborn S.O.B lol I'll work some magic lol

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stubborn SOB is part of being a entrepreneur lol you got this!

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ha ha ha ha ha Big facts!

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Don't know that I will be one of your 25 Dolphins, but. between posts and games, I keep stacking, as well. May I should do like many others and post about gaming.

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Hive is still crazy cheap.

Always an opportunity!

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Good thing you are getting fired up and running

Wish to be one of your dolphins someday too.

Your goals I'm sure you'll a hive in no time with your daily hive income.

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Cheers, @marvinix You Successfully Shared 0.100 WINE With @jongolson.
You Earned 0.100 WINE As Curation Reward.
You Utilized 1/3 Successful Calls.


WINE Current Market Price : 0.000 HIVE

Slow and steady. I know it's a broken record but it works...Just worry about adding value every day and you'll get there!

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Great HP and you also have a good number of LEOs! Good luck for CTP! :)

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Thanks very much....Really starting to add up :)

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@jongolson, Good to see that specifically you have only Hive Goals which shows you are really Bullish towards Hive. Good wishes from my side and stay blessed.

Too stubborn to stop now LOL We're sticking with this to the moon!!!

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LOL Working on it!!

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I am also targeting to 100 Hive income or $10 a day as short term (in next 2 years).

$100 a day will be a ultimate target. (In a decade, I can say.)

Remember, at current prices it might take a year or so...but if this thing just 5x's....Big boost right there ;)

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Yup, Did not considered 5x change the equation too soon.

damn 82 hive per day! good for you man good for you!

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It's 'around' that...Sometimes it's less, but it's around that 80 mark...Blew my mind LOL

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Will do!

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100 Hive / Day Income is a great target, I am not as consistent to set a milestone like that but to reach specific thresholds. Anyhow your evolution is impressive, congrats!