You know anybody like this?

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They don't want to buy when it's high and then when it dips they think it's going lower

I have seen this play out time and time again, most recently with some family members.

I mentioned bitcoin to them back in it was $1k, but of course it was too risky for them then.

Now, when it runs, they say it's too high to buy, they will wit for a dip, then when a dip comes, they say it's going lower.

It basically looks something like this:



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Do you know anyone like this?

I have a few friends that do this as well.

They tell me how they are going to buy on a dip, they can't wait for that pullback, then when it comes they don't buy because they think it's going lower, then it rips higher and leaves em in the dust.

Those people don't really want in, well maybe they do, but they can't get out of their own way.

That's why anyone that asks me about crypto, I just say take whatever amount of money you want to invest, and put half of that in right away, then hold the other half for a dip.

In most cases that other half never gets in, but at least they got some in.

A friend of mine did with with bitcoin at about $18k btw. They bought half in there and held the rest for a dip.

Well, that was almost $20k and that other money is still yet to get in.

Their first plan was to not put any in at $18k and instead wait for a dip to $15k.

I think it's safe to say they owe me a steak dinner at this point, but with a mask on and outdoors of course.

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Just buy when you have money available no matter the price. Then just sit and hold.
That's my advice.

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Sort of what I say as well. Though I do like to have some powder for dips, like today's for example.

I guess 90% of the market is acting like this.

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They can't get out of their own way.