Peter Schiff finally admits Bitcoin is probably going to $100k

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It took him long enough, but Peter Schiff has finally capitulated on Bitcoin

In a tweet earlier today Peter Schiff admitted that bitcoin has a good chance of going to $100k.

For some backstory, Schiff has been the biggest bitcoin basher and bear out there, even bigger than Jamie Dimon and Warren Buffett.

He's twisted every development to try and take shots at bitcoin and promote gold, which is his baby.

Every single time he's looked silly, but that hasn't stopped him from sticking to his guns bashing bitcoin.

Until today.

He posted this year earlier today:



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This is sort of a big deal!

However, it may be a big deal in the way that we don't want it to be.

Usually when something finally runs out of haters/bashers and bears, it's usually near the top of whatever trend its been on.

While I don't think that is true now because I think we have to go to $100k still, it is noteworthy to watch the bears fall.

I think we will really know the top is in when not only does Schiff admit it could go higher, but he turns around and buys it.

That won't be happening anytime soon, but perhaps he trades in his gold for bitcoin when bitcoin is $200k or so.

C'mon Peter, you can do it.

Old dogs don't learn new tricks until their owner stops feeding them, well gold is looking weaker by the day so old Peter is about to stop being fed by his master.

See you at $200k Petey!

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maybe he is just FOMOing people, after manage to get a hand of huge number of bitcoin?

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I doubt it. He will never buy bitcoin. He'd rather go down with his gold ship.

Well well well, that tweet did not really age well.

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"highly unlikely" lol oops.

Schiff waiting so he can buy in at the absolute top of Bitcoin.

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Buy high and sell low, Peter Schiff style.

Petter Schiff should be blocked on crypto twitter by any coiner out there. He's a nothing for Bitcoin.

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He's entertainment, that's about it.

That bastard couldn't even hold onto a set of private keys let alone accurately predict disruptive technoloy.. XD

Who knows if that was even true, he tries to take shots at bitcoin any way he can, even if he has to stretch the truth.

He's beginning to believe.

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Bitcoin makes believers of them all eventually.


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So enjoyable, but still saying it will go to 0 because well... it was inevitable :D
The day Peter Schiff and Warren Buffet are outbidding themselves to buy BTC, you know this is the end haha

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Haha yep that'll be the day!

I just saw the current amount of Bitcoin and I am sure Bitcoin will get to that extent.

It is good to know that Peter is believing in it now.

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I think it may overshoot his number.

hahahahahaha Peter shiff trying to convince the entire world Bitcoin has no Value. Good luck with that pal. Meanwhile Gold behaving worse than the worst shitcoins out there. Fill your bags with XMR people.

@jphamer1 lol..the more he tries to do that the more people are having more interest in the same Bitcoin which he is is really funny....

Even the coins he considered as shitcoins are even doing better than many products on some other financial markets...

Yep, it's a fun time to be in crypto. Party time!

@jondoe you can say that again....

He's tried awfully hard to fight this tidal wave. I think he's doubly bitter that not only is bitcoin doing well, but gold is doing poorly in a time of monetary debasement. Not what he wanted to see on both fronts.

its a classic story.

Lol, love thos Spencer Schiff responses to him! Are they related??

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Haha nice catch! I hadn't noticed that. I doubt it, but who knows.

I think it might well be you know!

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Forget Microstrategy proposing another $1 Billion purchase, this right here is the indicator we needed

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Haha the Schiff indicator.

Maybe he wants to begin to live a normal life. Can you imagine being him and hearing all that snickering, and chortling as people walk by you on the street?

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In all honesty, bitcoin has made Peter relevant again. He was basically a dinosaur that no one paid any attention to prior to bitcoin. Now, bitcoin has given him a microphone, even if it's as the villain. Hey, every superhero needs a villain right?!

Crazy ass mofo lol. I think Pete is playing a role. He must have tons of BTC accumulated. The man is not dumb.

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I think this could be the case! These personalities make public statements but private purchases.

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