The longer DeFi exists, the more nail in traditional bank's coffin it gets

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I have always admire the concept behind DeFi though it is a concept that have been in existence from the onset with HIVE, stake your HIVE or what we refer to as Power Up here, delegate to a user and get returns on it in several ways like getting second layer tokens etc.
Therefore while DeFi boomed in 2020 it will be safe to say it is not a new concept, except the core of DeFi was taking place on Ethereum and still continues to be the dominant host with a sucking high transaction fees.

The bottom line is I love DeFi, I wish it stays and go nowhere. And from the look of things the usage of DeFi continues to rise with new ones popping up almost daily.

As a result of the sickening treatment people have been getting from traditional banks over the years it is human nature to start seeking for better treatment elsewhere and that is where I see more gravitation towards DeFi the longer it continues to exists, the more reason to develop better forms of DeFi it is going to get.

The reality of the world out there is the traditional banks are not just going to fold up and go away, they will fight, they will impose stricter measures but the joker in the pack for crypto is, it is also not going away.
If crypto do get the numbers on its side I see no reason why it won't win at the end of the day.

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I think many banks are getting a bit scared by the development. Scary thought that people could make money out of "their" system and that the people are not bound to their rules ^^

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People are sick and tired of rules, a system where no one controls how money is to be spent is going to appeal to most people.

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