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The past year have been a tough one is just an understatement. Now it is time to embrace the new year and look ahead with hope and of positive mind as we get the opportunity of unfolding every day of 2021.

With goals and aspirations for the year there's no better to kick off the year by locking away some Hive. For me personally this is vital as I endeavor to increase my stake on the blockchain.

The goal was to hit 10k HP before the end of 2020 but I couldn't. I'm however glad I'm not far off that 10k HP as am just less than 1.5k HP from reaching 10k HP.

So in the collective effort of Hive power up day, I have powered up 300 Hive today. I love the spiky graph as a result of powering up and enables me with the tool to view that.

The future of Hive looks bright even as the price of the token isn't reflecting that at the moment.
For as long as believe in the blockchain I will continue to lock those Hive tokens away.

Happy 2021 Hivers 🥂

We owe it to ourselves to make Hive great

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Happy new year Joe
We indeed owe it to ourselves to make 2020 a great year, not just our handsome hive

Hahaha true dear it is in our hands, we can do this, make a success out HIVE.

Many thanks

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Thanks, 12500 incoming!

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Go @joetunex, go!

Great start to the new year, I am sure youll hit 10k pretty soon, it starts to ramp up pretty quickly the higher you go

Thanks man, I look forward to that and beyond!

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Every little/big step counts!
Happy New Leo/Hive Year :))

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Happy New Leo/Hive Year

I like the sound of that, may this year be the year for HIVE and the tribes it houses in general!

Many thanks

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That's a great jump, all the best for 2021!

Thanks bro, much appreciated.
Best of wishes for 2021!

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Happy New Year homie! We got this!

Hey bro long time 😃 Happy new year bro.
Nice seeing around

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