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RE: The Hive Engagement League πŸ†

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Thanks Joan! Hope you're doing well!

Battle with time and slow connection, never seem to get everywhere I would like, miss the Top3 and have not forgotten. Hope your 2020 challenge raising funds is still going well.

Battles everywhere Joan, have you got your ice sorted out for that South Africa heat?!

All going well with the 2,020km challenge thanks Joan! My legs are falling apart but I'll get there - less than 350km to go now, hope to get it wrapped up before Christmas if I can stay illness and injury free these next few months!

Getting prepared for the hot season again, hopefully enough ice this time round....

Not too many k's to go, almost home and dry! A couple of days out over a weekend or two and you should have this wrapped up, stay away from sick people or congested malls. Actually our chemists were complaining they sold no medication over winter months with everyone wearing masks and washing their hands to avoid germ contamination.

im in top-20 this time again, to my surprise.

Keep going soon you will hit the top when least expecting it @qwerrie

Aww that is sweet! Thank you Joan :) You rock as well. Don't forget you're another star πŸ€— πŸ’š

Have a wonderful week, supporting each other here there and everywhere is always in my mind the right thing to do.

Thanks Joan!!!! I'm trying now to see others people content, you know, keeping the emotions high!!

Positive responses in commenting makes members feel more welcome, experiencing Hive life.

Hahaha I know bc that's when I feel good too, when people stop by my content and says nice thing! Makes me feel exciting and nice and I want to do the same ;)

We all need a little sunshine in our world to grow, a sweet comment goes a long way.

Thanks so much there Joan, I really appreciate it. A bit slack there this week on the hive- stuff to do irl- like everyone, but I missed everyone and glad to be back.