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RE: The Story Of 2021: Big Tech Flexing Its Muscle

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Big Tech will keep getting stronger while exhibiting their enormous power.

It is a worrisome period, switching off of old manipulated systems many lose income, staying you lose your ability to control your own personal identification and all those who enter your realm.

Those who have knowledge in coding, securing Hive going into the future are appreciated, each need remuneration to live which members must realize.

Sharing information like this makes more become aware of what is happening, time is now to work together I agree.

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What you say is absolutely true. Big Tech can basically wipe someone out immediately. They simply click the delete account button and a person's entire history vanishes. So does the ability to communicate with relationships forged over time.

Thus we end up with echo-chambers where those who still are on the platforms keep talking in circles, creating more ignorance. That is why freedom of expression is so vital.

And we wont even comment on the freedom of money.

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