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RE: Profitable on RBN and Back to Champions League

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What is the key to go from league 3 to champ?

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Depends - I actually find it relatively easy to move up from League 3 as many bot teams or teams that only autoplay - if you follow the Rabona guide you exactly know what formation works vs. others, also check blockchain data of your opponent.

Re player stats do not get blinded by OS only but consider individual key stats per role. TP is very important, as well as endurance and speed so focus training these (endurance / speed - depending on your player stats).

Also consider to build a team that at least can play two formations in a very good way.

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I was training endurance and speed because is what all players had in common, good for me hehe. I will focus on building a team too.

Nice tips, thanks!

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Great for speed and Endurance but at start go for defense and Passing as it it improves every teammember and are really important at every stage of game. A good def and pass will definitely be an endge over speed and endurance. And with combination of all of them, yoyr team wo do wonders.

Agreed on importance of Def/Pas

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