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RE: The Hive Engagement League 🏆

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Hello dear friend @abh12345 good day
I did not think I was on the podium this week, it was very difficult to comment these days, but that's the way things are and you have to enjoy them. very happy with this level of commitment
congratulations to all the people who have participated, especially
To my podium mates, a real pleasure to be with you @tripode, @ starstrings01Extensive to the top ten finalists
@tripode, @starstrings01, @galenkp, @chekohler, @ph1102, @brittandjosie, @tarazkp, @melinda010100, @bigtom13
Thank you very much dear friend Asher for all the work you do to keep us motivated and informed.
have a wonderful week. that you enjoy it a lot


It has been tough to comment following the fork and the numbers show this - hopefully this next week will be better.

Congrats, and have a good Sunday :)