~TDT~ $20 Tuesday is Baaaack!! HOLY BTC ATM FEES BATMAN!!

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I don’t know when the last time was that I hit up the local Bitcoin ATM... Well I do now because today was the last time I did. With a little nudge from @themarkeymark’s post he made a few weeks ago. I figured it Hive time to start things up again on the $20 Tuesday front. Thanks for the kickstart @themarkymark


First I checked CMC
to see how many Hive I could get for $20.


I am just gonna round up to 85 and call that good. Now since I am using the BTC ATM, let’s see how much BTC I need to buy in order to get 85 Hive.


But that was kind of a wasted move because I am going to be using @blocktrades to perform the trade between BTC and Hive. So let’s see how much BTC I will need to buy in order to get 85 Hive using the quick easy trading done through @blocktrades.


It is slightly more but to me this little bit is worth it. No need to send it off to an exchange, trade for Hive, withdrawal to Hive account... I bet between those transactions you would probably pay more. Plus when you are on the go, it’s so easy to do from my phone.

Fees... Bitcoin ATM fees are crazy and I knew that going into this. I believe last time I checked it was around 20%!!! That is a hefty “convenience” fee if I do say so myself. Now I could purchase though Coinbase and go that route but this time I am gonna use the ATM just because... I want to. Lol

It took me $28 to get close to the BTC amount on Blocktrades to get that $20 worth of Hive!!... Damn those ATM fees are outrageous!!


In the past I have used the ATM just to give it some use to help keep it around. Not no more!! I am done!! This is a full on Rape Job!! Those types of fees are crazy!! Now I will have to admit, I tried to convince myself that the convenience of the Bitcoin ATM was worth paying the fees... Boy oh Boy... looking back I am gonna go ahead and say... “Stop Lying to Yourself... It’s a Rip-Off!!”

So this got me thinking of other ways to to perform my $20 Tuesday purchases without feeling like I am buying some knockoff watch from a guy on the street on a trench coat... then I remembered Cash App was another option. Yet the last time I tried to get “verified” it was a no go for some reason. Probably because of the weird restrictions on Washington state or some crap. So I gave it another go and looky looky... it worked. So now I have a couple options for my $20 Tuesday Hive purchases to avoid those damn ATM fees. Get the best bang for my buck


So it’s my lunch break and I have yet to get my Hive and we are going on 3-1/2 hours since the transaction. The hold-up is on the BTC side of course... I will stop back by and edit this post just to see how long it takes to get my $20 worth of Hive. The clock is ticking Grandpa Bitcoin...


Now that is funny!!! Just as I was going through to do my last edit of this post the trade completed...


Now I got slightly less that 85 Hive but the Hive I did get was worth $21.44... At least it wasn’t less than $20 😉

Until Next Time...

Hive On
I isn’t no Financial Advisor
Do yous own dah-gum research
And make yous own decision


Oh? You are doing this again. Nice.

Ya, depending I might knock it back to $10 but I think it is a good way to add some skin in the game, little by little.

And I was just going to ask you 4 advice..."Linemen stay high" 😊

Not a good idea to ask a lineman for financial advice.. especially with eyes like that.

20% seems like a lot, but you are only getting 20$ what if you save up for 3 months and get 260$? I'm more of a seasonal purchaser myself.

20% is crazy!! Now I can see 5-8% shoot I will even go 10%. But 20%!!!! That is nuts!!

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