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RE: Hive: A Flywheel Approach

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I never really considered it a flywheel but it does make sense. HIVE is building in all directions so we can definitely see a boost as people see the benefits of staying here.

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Yep going many different directions at one time while also looking like nothing is getting done. This is how it works. Yet when the ball is in motion, it makes it easier to accelerate it. That is what we are seeing with some of the rollouts.

@podping is adding a 5th podcasting host to their system this week. That is 20% growth. Not a great deal but it does pave the way for even more to be added. While they have 5 now (or will soon), they will look to double that next and get 10.

That will increase the value of the system to the bigger entities as they see more smaller ones realizing the benefits to it.

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