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RE: Child Tax Credit - More Stimulus Checks?

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Do I think it will reduce poverty? I don't think so because the issue is more a problem of the existing economy. If the wages can't keep up with the prices then obviously there are some things going wrong.

It will however help some of those on the edge. Another issue I see is that it might not be targeted enough because we don't know who needs the money. Will this money be used for essentials like housing, food or etc? I would hope so but I don't think there is anything stopping people from using it for other things. I do think its dumb to refuse the free money though as I would use it to invest in the future if you don't need it right now.

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When first was reading about it, I was thinking about universal basic income. While this is not universal basic income, it is something close to it in a smaller scale.

Usually government's targeted approach and creating requirements to meet makes things more complicated and ends up failing.

I would rather trust parents in making these decisions rather than the government.

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