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RE: Venture Capitalism to be Antiquated

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I would very much want things to be built at scale and reduce costs. I could buy a Trezor but honestly, I just leave it in a digital wallet just because its easier and I didn't think it was worth the cost. Maybe if I load more crypto and I really want to be secured in the future I would do it. But if it could be produced at mass levels and sold at cheap prices, I think people would ditch some of the digital wallets.

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You can get pretty good security by signing up with 3 exchanges and setting up a hot-wallet on your phone. You really don't need a hardware wallet until you've got over a certain level. Maybe $10k or $20k.

Ah that's good to know. I haven't invested as much into crypto but I do have some sitting around. Digital wallets and exchanges tend to be where mine are right now.

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you dont need any exchange . you can use a DEX or just keep your PBTC or PETH inside telos or eos