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RE: 2021 Australia Silver Great White Shark

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Interesting coin there @silversaver888 I would think its value would be greater than one dollar though.
Shows how much I know.
I do put aside $1,000.00 USD every month, into a money market account, so I'm doing okay I guess.
You broke your link by hitting enter ha ha ha
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Hey @jerrytsuseer! Welcome to my blog!
I'm a small-time stacker.
To each his own.
This is what I do with half my disposable income.
(I do have a money market account.)
Have a great day, Jerry!!!

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At least you have disposable income, that's a good thing right @silversaver888 ?
Prior to 2018 when my VA disability came through, I lived on my music income, which was decidedly small (plus in 2016, my Social Security Disability came through, so that helped a lot) and all through those years since coming to Atlanta in 2009, I was slowly building my savings in Wells Fargo, which pays practically nothing in interest.
So my larger VA checks (not really checks, direct deposit) go to a Credit Union, which pays about 6x's the interest. Six times practically nothing is pretty small, but it's better at least.😜

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Thanks @misterengagement , don't know what I'd do with those tokens, but I'll figure it out. Maybe @silversaver888 can help me with that

You accumulate them to 1000, then you can start giving them away!

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Oh @jerrytsuseer, I am lucky to have a disposable income! It was not always the case! That is why I am so passionate about spreading the news of paying debts down, or not getting into debt at all, and save, save, save.
It seems that you are in a good place!

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Well, I'm 65 and have just gone into debt for the rest of my life, paying $205K for this 80 yr old house,4 outbuildings and 1.6 acres of land, but still...

Aerial view of plot.jpg

I think I am in a good place. @silversaver888
Basically, my house payment($993, but I'm paying $1,000) is 1/3 of my monthly VA disability, the savings deposit is another 1/3 ($1,000).
My utilities and insurance and taxes are running about $500 per month, I bought my car outright 4.5 yrs ago, paying $11K cash.
I have no other debts, other than my occasional purchase from Amazon, or a thrift store, plus the unGODLY amount of stuff I'm still buying to try and fix stuff that the seller misrepresented at Lowe's (a hardware megastore)

You are, indeed, in a good place!!
Likewise, @jerrtsuseer, likewise!
Just my home mortgage, nothing else!!!

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