Discussions UnifiedSwap is now live! Swap instantly, cheaply and hassle-free! 🌧🌧🌧

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Hello cryptofolks, today Discussions Team is rolling UnifiedSwaps, a way for you to do token swapping right on Discussions.app! 👏🏻

To access it, simply click on the Wallet tab and select "Swap".


There is no EOS account required, no resource management headaches🙅‍♀️ Just swap for your favorite tokens as easily as anything else you do on Discussions.

🌟They'll be adding support for more tokens on USwap starting with EOS DeFi tokens:








And before you ask why Vigor is left out of the list, don't worry, $VIG has been supported before the rollout of USwap and will available for swap, as would their other token partners, BOID, MPT, BBT and KROWN (PUML support will be enabled as soon as it is listed).

As always, all the development work that they do is open-sourced. So feel free to check out their github and if you want to add UID or Uswap to your Dapp, just let them know, and they'll try to help where they can!



Got questions? Ask away!🎤 Leave your comments in the original post: