What Was Your First Encounter With Bitcoin or Crypto ?

I just got off a call with some crypto company that is entering our local crypto market here and we discussed many things.

Among the things we discussed that I have always had in mind was what kind of information would have made you join the crypto space instantly.

In the call, we were asked how we can bring more people into the crypto space and use their exchange.

I have been in the crypto space for close to 4 years now and have learned a lot along the way.

I am always met with the challenge of introducing new people into space and my greatest challenge has always been sieving the right info to give these people!

As we grow further in crypto education we start assuming that everyone we talk to must be knowing some things about crypto.

I know we are all guilty of throwing around crypto jargon when talking to newbies, jargons like decentralization, maximum supply, peer to peer, unbanked, moon and the rest!

We always throw these words around without explaining further what they mean, just because we know what maximum supply or decentralization is, does not mean that even normies comprehend.

So what do you wish to have been told first about crypto or bitcoin that could have made you invest straightway?

I know we all got into crypto in different ways, but there is always that first time for everything.

I got to first know about crypto(bitcoin) in early 2017 through a WhatsApp group I was a member of.

The info wasn't so clear as it looked like a pyramid scheme to me.

The way bitcoin was explained to me looked suspicious! Let me explain further what I mean.
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Bitcoin as an independent entity was not much talked about, but what dominated the group discussion was how to invest in it.

Remember I was a new naive normie who did not get time to read about Bitcoin so I was supposed to trust these people.

The biggest problem came when they explained that to invest we had to pool money and send them to one person and the money was supposed to be doubling or something like that!!!

Before this encounter, I had read similar cases of how people are scammed in this similar or particular way!

Remember we were not told of how to open wallets or individually own bitcoin, the only way was through these group admins.

So what was your first encounter with Bitcoin?

Did this first encounter influence your decision, did it play a role in making your investment right away or delay??

This first encounter did not make my research or invest in Bitcoin until I had a second encounter on Facebook.

I got to know more about crypto after bumping on a post by @grantcardone on Facebook where he stated that there's this new website that says that it pays you for posting content!

He ended his post by saying that he also signed up, if you want you can also check it out.

Being the enterprising person I am, I clicked on the link he shared and signed up straight away.

The website he was talking about was our old blockchain, I did sign up and got approved almost instantly.

It is through the old blockchain that I got to know more about Bitcoin and crypto through people like @acidiyo @timsaid, @phrasim and all the Hive OGs.

I thank all the people who kept on talking about Bitcoin and crypto on the old blockchain.

So if I go back to my first paragraphs, what kind of info should we tell the new people we meet that will increase their likelihood of investing in Bitcoin or generally crypto??

What can we tell these new people that can help them make decisions instantly, whereby they do not need a second, third or nth encounter to make their first crypto investment?

I will be glad if someone gives me a summary of what I can tell to these new people or what do you wish o have been told first about Bitcoin?

What key points about bitcoin or crypto would you recommend me or any other person promoting crypto adoption?

Let us get those recommendations rolling in the comments section.

Jarau Moses

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2013 is when I discovered cryptocurrency, and it happened to be Bitcoin. By then it as already 4 years old. I read about Bitcoin in some article somewhere; I forget where. At that time, BItcoin was still a curiosity for most people, and few if any people cared about it.

I decided to mine Bitcoin from home with my laptop. In 2013 that was still possible. My biggest shock came when I saw the 8 decimal places and zeroes between the "0." and the first non-zero digit. Then I saw how much I was mining per time interval; I have to admit that I was disappointed.

In 2014 I had to move, and some time after my move the laptop I had been using to mine Bitcoin died. I still have the hard drive for that laptop somewhere. There is no way I could have mined 1 BTC, but it would be nice to see if I reached even 0.01 BTC.

So I'm like that guy who lost the keys to his USD 220 million in Bitcoin, only I'm behind him by, well, USD 220 million.

For many years I had forgotten about cryptocurrency, then it was becoming more common to hear about it in the news. I still hadn't done anything until Dogecoin made the news in 2021. Years earlier I leanred about Dogecoin and how it began as a joke. If Dogecoin could go from a joke to a crypto with an insane market cap, maybe I could find another crypto where I can xperience that as an investor.

Along the way I discovered Steemit, but I hadn't done anything. When Dogecoin broke out in 2021, I reconsidered Steemit for social media posting. After discovering the controversy surrounding Steemit I decided to sign up for a Hive account.

As for what I would tell people about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, I would need to find out what concerns people first.

  • For someone concerned about control, I would say that crypto is trustless and permissionless and direct-- and with crypto you can be your own bank.

  • For someone concerned about utility, I would day that Bitcoin itself is more secure than any other money out there, and for in general there are cryptos whose blockchains can be used for many things (which is the opening to discuss Hive).

  • For someone concerned about ease of use, I would say that it's easier to use today than in 2013, and it's easier to get into than in the old days.

  • For anyone concerned about criminals using cryptocurrency, I just say something like this:

Do you know what else criminals use? Cash; Credit; precious metals; precious gems; food; water; air.

  • For the cheapskates who don't want to spend money to acquire crypto, I would tell them about faucets of various types and which cryptos are popular for faucets.

  • If anyone of these people decides to get some crypto, ten the next thing is to find out if it's available where they live and if exchanges in their area have the crypto they want. Some areas are friendlier to cryptocurrency than others, and you don't want to sign up for an account only to be told it's not offered in your state/province/zone. See what's available first before deciding what to buy.

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Wow this is an epic story from you.
I see you entered the space longtime though shit happened along the way!.

So I'm like that guy who lost the keys to his USD 220 million in Bitcoin, only I'm behind him by, well, USD 220 million

It's sad that you lost your Bitcoin that would be some great value now .

So it took you almost 7 years to re-enter the space! Thanks to Doogecoin news that you are back to the space and more importantly Hive after discovering how Steemit treated it's members after reading about the Steemit Hostile takeover.

Also thanks for giving me specific answers to the different newbie questions and scenarios.

Thanks for commenting on my post.

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