Hive Passive Income Earnings Update

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It is exactly two weeks when I wrote a post on how to passively earn on Hive blockchain.

In that post I talked about 3 ways of earning passively on Hive and that was.
1.Delegating Hive Power to @leo.voter
2.Delegate Sports To @amr008.sports
3.Delegate Leo Power To @meowcurator



In this post I want to give an update on those small passive investments and see whether to continue or not or even switch to another passive income source.

Results From Delegating Hive Power to @leo.voter

So I delegate only 100HP to @leo.voter and I was supposed to earn back Leo tokens daily.

It is now 15 days and I have earned 0.258 Leo averaging 0.0155 Leo daily!!

So in the last 16 days, my 100 HP delegation to @leo.voter have earned me a quarter of a Leo, not bad since Leo price keeps rising daily.


So that means that 100HP at the current price of $ 0.6 =$60 enabled me earn 0.258 Leo at $1 =$0.258.

On average I earned $0.0155 meaning my investment will be back after 3870 days!!! Damn, that is a very long time.

I will leave this delegation until something better paying comes up, if there's something better paying let me know in the comments below.

Results From Delegating Sports To @amr008.sports

So I also delegated 500,000 sports tokens to @amr008.sports new project and I have so far received payment twice since he pays weekly.

The first payment was 4577.07 SPORTS and the recent one was 5637.2 SPORTS making it a total of 10214.27 SPORTS!!

So my 500K SPORTS gave me dividends of 10K SPORTS in two weeks, which means I will need roughly 100 weeks to return back my investment !!!

Results From Delegating Leo Power To @meowcurator

I also related 100 Leo Power to @meowcurator and I am being paid Leo daily.

I have calculated and in the last 2 weeks I have so far earned 0.451 Leo and on average I earn 0.030 Leo!!!
If I calculate at the current price of 1 Leo=$1 then my 100 LP =$100 and has earned me $0.451.

I will need on average 3333 days to return my investment back!! Those are many fucking days or I am calculating this wrongly?

So folks those are my two-week results from my test of Hive passive income streams.
I realized that it makes more sense if you invest heavily than what I did here with small money hehe.

If you have any other way to earn passively on Hive by delegation or anyway, let me know below in the comments.

Jarau Moses

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You can delegate to brofi and earn BRO coins. Those coins pay you passively in many different community coins. Otherwise, if you really want passive income, LBI, SPI, UTOPIS, and others are investment vehicles paying dividends while the underlying token grows in value as well. Lastly, I'd look at miners. LEOM, ARCHONM, LENM, EDSM, these are all paying once you own them. They are a little more to buy though.

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Thanks for the heads up, I think I will cancel my 100HP delegation and send it over to Brofi and earn those BRO coins.
I guess it would be a great idea since they even started a new tribe Cinetv recently.

I will also check out LBI,SPI and UTOPIS, been seeing posts about them, but never took much interest until now when you have told me hehe.

Thanks for commenting and the suggestions.

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I delegate my Hivepower to others at
I get about 15% apr (per year back).
Thats more I get on every bank.

Don't think you're calculating it wrong but what if you redelegate all the earnings and create the compounding effect. I really think that's what makes this so powerful, being paid daily and reinvesting it to create that snowball effect! But of course if you could get a better percentage elsewhere that effect would also be stronger.

Nice article regardless! Just found out about @meowcurator myself :-) gonna see if it works out..

I would like to hear from you about your experience of delegating to brofi

I will write about it too after delegating to them

Eagerly waiting on that write up !

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me too, thinking of joining this option right now