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RE: Hivers & Crypto Twitter - Are we doing it right? - ¿Lo estamos haciendo bien?

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Hello, @eddiespino

You're right. Many of us in the #hive ecosystem have seen the great potential of Dapps such as #3Speak, #PearkD, #leofinace, dCity, just to name a few of the most popular. Sure, most of us have had to overcome the learning curve. You will agree with me that for ordinary people and neophytes in technology, you will find a wall with some difficulty to overcome. Only those who persevere enjoy the rewarding experience and rewards.

In truth #Hive and many of its Dapps are designed to test the brains of community members. As far as I'm concerned, it's great. However, I am not surprised at its impact on marketing effectiveness. Perhaps I should say, the problem is not marketing, but how we assist newcomers, whether they are content creators, readers, or investors. We are probably pointing in the wrong direction and with the wrong weapons.

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I agree we need a better strategy to approach potential users and investors. Today I saw an interesting Marketing Proposal. I hope that it's a good one and that the community supports it.

Thank you for your comments, @eddiespino.

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