Trend is Your Friend: Hive Bouncing Back Again

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Like a Ping Pong Bouncing Up a Hill

This would be the best description of the HIVE price over the last three months. Every time it appears that a downward trend is beginning, we find it "bouncing" back up higher and higher each time.

Bouncing on the upward slope!


What Does This Mean?

This means that anytime we see a "dip", that is a short-term drop below the red line, it is a relatively safe buying opportunity. Anytime we see a "bounce", that is a short-term jump over the red line, it is a relatively safe selling opportunity.

I am giving my opinion and observation. I am not a financial advisor. Invest at your own risk. Don't get wrekt. Make good decisions.

What is interesting to observe is that HIVE in particular rarely dips BELOW the red line, but either rides the line or jumps up over the red line.

While it can be discouraging watching HIVE jump up quickly and then trend downwards for days afterwards, not knowing when or if it will jump up suddenly again. It's difficult to predict the next price spike, but one thing that has been reliable over the last three months has been the bottom.

The bottom has steadily gone up and up over the last three months.

Remember: Trend is Your Friend

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Ahhhh so nice to see the steady red line you have drawn, get confusing looking at all the up and downs!!

Simplicity is key.

20% today, yesterday, the day before and so on and so forth... I told you HEX is where the MAD GAINS are:

Screenshot from 2021-05-13 15-46-08.png

And the best part: THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING.. HEX will be number on on CMC and PULSE number 2.


All the best for HEX.

All the best for HEX.

Great to see hive holding up around the trend line. Thanks for sharing.

Meaning we might be seeing some more movements up soon

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We're on schedule for another jump soon. Perhaps.

It will be interesting to see HIVE price continue to go up again

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I certainly hope so!

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