Liquid Hive Power: A Little Known Resource!

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Reputation 70: Why am I Still a Minnow?


After three years of blogging on Steemit and later HIVE, I've finally made it to a reputation of 70. It's a bit of a goal that I've had to keep posting each day.


After all this posting, I'm still a minnow. This is because I have been keeping my HIVE liquid while supporting the content producers with Liquid Hive Tokens.

Liquid Hive Tokens?

As I delegate my HP out to various projects, I want also to support the content producers! I can't have it both ways, power down and offer a decent upvote... or can I?

Introducing LIQUID HIVE POWER, a hive-engine token that will give you voting power in the form of a token.

This 2K HIVE POWER delegation is from my LHP holding.


I have one HP delegated to my account for each LHP token I hold. My delegation only decreases if somebody purchases my LHP tokens. This allows me to power down my HP while also supporting my favorite content producers. But if I want to exit, I'm not stuck waiting 13 weeks to power down.


This is perfect for someone who has liquid HIVE that you would like to use as HIVE POWER, but are unsure if you want to tie it up for an extended period of time.


IF you are holding on to a bunch of liquid HIVE, here is your opportunity to have a valuable upvote value, without having to power up your liquid HIVE.


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sir, i upvote you for your upvote i thank you dear

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Congratulations on making 70 Rep.

This is LHP is very interesting.
How does it benefit the provider of Liquid Hive Power?

The provider @cardboard benefits in a couple of ways. He is selling LHP at a slight premium, currently about 1%. Also he's monetizing his HIVE POWER by getting paid liquid swap.hive for a delegation, rather than powering down waiting the 13 weeks.

If you have any specific questions, he's easy to get a hold of on discord and he's pretty good with support. @cardboard is the mastermind behind @tipu.

@ironshield, thank you for supporting the HiveBuzz project by voting for our witness.

Here Is a small present to show our gratitude
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Once again, thanks for your support!

70 rep!!! Nice job Ben and thanks for all the content you have produced over the last few years!