HIVE @ $0.45: It's Not As Bad As We Might Think

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We All Knew HIVE was Bubbling

While many of us were very excited to think that $1.00 HIVE was close on the horizon, after some impressive jumps, we watched HIVE deflate back to the same old same old... except not exactly.

I am not a financial advisor. This is my opinion, please buy/sell and invest at your own risk.

We are watching a healthy and steady increase in value over time, overlooking the bubble, there has been a steady increase in value over the last three months. It's most apparent when looking at BTC value, since gains in BTC give a clearer picture than gains in USD.

HIVE Dollar Normalizing


While it's nice to have HIVE DOLLAR above a dollar, this can cause an artificial devaluation of HIVE. Having HIVE DOLLAR back near a dollar, means that as we watch HIVE increase in value, we have the opportunity to "cash in" any HIVE increases and shelter it during the natural dips HIVE will experience.

Will HIVE DOLLAR inflate again? Probably. Hopefully enough transactions will continue occurring in HIVE DOLLAR to keep the price stable.



While watching the HIVE price drop, there are some indications that HIVE is healthy and continuing it's upward value increase. The longer we watch these higher values become established, the more confidence people will have investing in this particular cryto.

Seeing HIVE DOLLAR return closer to $1.00 USD is a good sign also, that there isn't any funny business with the native "dollar" token.

We are seeing the signs that HIVE is in it for the long haul and as we watch the line continue to rise, we will see $1.00 HIVE solid, and not a spike for a few hours. $1.00 HIVE is NEW NORMAL.

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If there would be a proper amount of real, human interaction on the Hive blockchain, then $10 Hive would be the new normal. Sadly/unfortunately that is not the case. People have not discovered so far that a social network is supposed to be social.

The lack of real, human comments is the thing that holding back the price of Hive. Once people stop focusing on their own posts, many new users will come, because they will see a proper, healthy social network, and not an abandoned, ghost town without real, human comments. Currently most of the comments are bot comments, and there are many posts without any comments. This is very disappointing.
Not just/only the Hive blockchain users, but also for most of the outsiders.

To be honest, I am currently surprised even at the $0.45.

It's a funny thing, people come and go based on the price of HIVE. It's a Catch-22, this platform needs interaction to help increase the price, increasing the price brings interaction. What I find encouraging is many old Steemit bloggers are re-appearing here on HIVE after months of being MIA. That's what happens when HIVE jumps, people dig out their old keys and start blogging and manually curating again.

I've been regularly posting on Steemit/HIVE since May of 2017 (almost four years now) and I've watched comments go from dozens to zero, back to dozens. I think it has to do with exposure and interaction: the more eyeballs that see the post and the more questions the poster asks the reader, the more comments we tend to see.

Also !ENGAGE is a wonderful tool, rewarding those who take the time to comment on your posts. I should use it more often.

I am using the Steem blockchain since 2017.05.17.
I started a little bit earlier than you.
But nowadays I do not like to post much due to the disappointment in the platform.
People ignore my posts even if I promote my posts with Ecency points.

I'm following you now.


How many of your 1K+ follows do you think are really viewing your posts? For blogging so long, why only 116HP? These are some things to consider, if you want to encourage interactions.

Most of those followers are inactive. They left the platform long month/years ago, much before the creation of Hive.
My current Hive power is low, because once I withdrew some money (I had some audience at the start), because I needed it to pay bills and buy foods. I live with multiple disabilities, and I receive a low, pension-like income (approximately $250 USD per month). I currently work in a 4 hours per day as a packager, but most of my low income goes to rent and bills.
How could I grow my Hive power, if nowadays people mostly ignore my posts? I am not a millionaire to invest a lot of (or any) money into it.

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