dCity is Burning! Only SIM PURCHASES Can Save the dCity!

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Break the Game, Just for a Bit

It was announced by the new dCity president @ecoinstant that he would begin his presidency by announcing his plan to "Break the Game".... just for a bit.

Just for a bit, I have decided to break the game. That means that taxes will start off at 122%, too high to really do anything about.

I'm not entirely sure the purpose of trying to "break the game", but ok. I'm not president. I think the idea is to stir the pot, get people actively buying SIM again. It's also a way to stop the dCity cash out whales from selling off all their SIM earnings.

Today, they didn't have any SIM earnings.

Unfortunately, the Whole World Has Been Hit By a Crisis

Even though it's unrelated, I find it funny that we are experiencing "FIRES" while the tax rates exceed 100%. It's sort of a poetic description of the "unwanted effects" that we are experiencing now.


In edition to no SIM rewards today, we also experienced a 70% tax on our daily HIVE population rewards. That can be pretty discouraging for new players.

SCARCITY is Not the Answer

I believe the key to restoring SIM to it's peg is by building new interest in SIM as a token and dCity as a game. dCity and the dCity economy requires a constant flow of HIVE, either through purchasing new city assets using HIVE, or purchasing SIM using SWAP.HIVE. Without HIVE flowing into the game, the game will implode.

We must answer this question: Why would someone invest their HIVE into dCity?

Increasing New Players is the Answer

The combination of mixed reviews of the new UI, new gaming elements that complicate the game and daily chance for disasters, makes it difficult to "sell" to new players.

Um, yeah, there's this new game where you trade your crypto for city assets, like wind turbines and farms and stuff that earn special tokens each day called SIM tokens. You can use SIM tokens to buy more city assets! There's fires, pandemics, riots and best of all, 70 - 112% taxes on your SIM! Fun!

Maybe this sounds better:

Want to build a city using FREE NFT assets? They're giving away free micro-cities for anyone who signs up, they're like miners that produce SIM tokens that can earn you daily income! People compete for daily HIVE rewards based on the most efficient cities, most population, most popularity and there is a DAILY DRAWING for 10% of the tax pool, based on ENTRY tokens. Best of all? It's all automatic, requiring very little of your time.

This can be the launching pad for HIVE investments. Who wants a Cinema or Law Firm, unless they have a city first! Oh cool, I want a cinema in my city! or Law firm lowers my taxes? Sign me up, how much?

It's getting started that's most difficult. So, let's make getting started with dCity easy, low-risk and rewarding!

Special Bonuses?

If there were some incentive for new players to join, maybe some free city assets or "SIM Stimulus Package", we may see new players join just to see what it's all about.


Sort of like the Casinos that hand out $20 bills when you get off the bus. You could pocket the money... or you could see what sort of city you can build and manage - for fun and for potential profit.

Let's Make dCity UNBURNED Again!

The only way to keep this game rolling is with HIVE investments and New players. Rather than forcing SIM scarcity and penalizing players for their sell-offs, let's make the game fun and interesting for players.

Less about taxes, more about rewards. Less about disasters (which should be rare), more about competition.

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Dcity went the way of MAGA.. downhill

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It feels like that game has stalled. Other than the release of new edition cards, which doesn't really change much, there's not been any real work done in the game.

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Yes, I agree we need to see some more real work in the game design and mechanics. I think we are going to be surprised with some of the innovations over the next few months. There's already work on tweaking (simplifying) the UI and on FOURTH EDITION assets.

Looking forward to that. It will be refreshing to see something new


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I agree there is not enough effort to make the game attractive for new players but your proposed solution is crazy. If casinos give out bills (well, it is not 1970s anymore), they give it to people at their front door that would need thick skin to pocket it without walking in, rather then people who got off a bus at the busy station at the other side of the town (that is how it feels online).

If you still think giving out free tokens is the brilliant idea that saves the game (many people do), you can start giving away your own tokens right now.

Do you have a better idea? I'm all ears.

No, I do not have anything that beats giving out free tokens. You are good to go.

I could not agree more. It is hard to convice people to play a game that is not fun. Right now, I would have to say that I am not having fun playing dCity. Let's fix the game and let the tokens take care of themselves (through supply and demand). More (new) players having fun increases demand and reduces supply which causes an increase in price (isn't that what we are looking for?)

@ironshield The King congratulates you on a fantastic post! Our royal gamer is still in the process of figuring out how to "play" the new version. The latest weekly report was encouraging as she figured out how to buy cards in the marketplace which boosted the city in population which in turn generated a "small" hive income. The King sends your Sunday blessings!


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