Breaking FED - Walter "Heisenberg" White Explains Real Money

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Reach To Bottom To See the Top

Is physical silver a bad investment? Are people wasting their valuable fiats on worthless metal? Would it be better investing in a dog coin?

These are difficult questions, but thankfully Walter is here with the answers through a difficult conversation.

The Squeeze is upon us and there's no going back. Multitudes of 100,000's of new silver stakers have entered the market and are taking possession of the bricks and rounds.


The vaults are being emptied, it's just a matter of time before it's discovered. Someday, we will see a transfer of wealth that was previously thought impossible.

Walter Knows, Listen to Walter

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Hopefully that transfer of wealth that nobody thought possible happens in our lifetime.

I was looking into physical silver, but it has been extremely hard to get where I am based.

There are optiins available online, but who to trust has become an issue, when the larger institutions prove their will pull out all the stops to protect the wealthy, it doesn't leave much room to wiggle.

Who knows what tomorrow may bring, crypto is sure to rattle a few trees, in fact I think it already is Lol.

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Crypto is certainly rattling many trees - investment professionals are beginning to admit they were wrong, they should have invested instead of laughing.

For sure they are finally realising that crypto can put them all out of business if they don't pay attention sharpish Lol

It is rather hard to get your money into silver or gold here in Ecuador. I can see that it would be a good investment, but transferring wealth into gold and silver can be a little dangerous.

Many nations have made it difficult to acquire physical gold and silver. Because they know.

Yup… exactamundo!

"My money is not in danger, the FED is in danger!"

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