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Hello Hiveains, My name is Inimfon which means “Time of grace” or “Time of Favour”. I have bundles of Talent which I have come to realized that it is given to me by God in order to make positive impact in my generation. I offer solutions to computer related problems and my services included: Graphics Designs, a Web Designs, Networking, Computer repairs and maintenance, windows and software installations, Multimedia services etc.

I also ensure that I make things that seem very difficult to be simpler for people to understand, I love challenging people to bring out the best in them. Above all I am a Christian, I believe in Jesus Christ and his love for humanity, so I keep recognizing him in all I do.

I am indeed happy to join this platform; first of all I started by typing https://leofinance.io on my Google chrome browser then I click on "Get Started" and choose the "Sign Up With Metamask" option.
After then I choose my username (ini-tim) in the space provided. And I confirm with a Metamask text signature. With those simple steps, I was able to join the Hive platform through Leofinance.

On this platform, I hope to learn new things and also meet different people with creative minds so as to develop myself and improve my skills. I also intend to share my ideas, inspirations, important information etc so others can benefit too. I will also love to join communities that are related to my field of specialization so that I can learn more.

Once again I am so excited to be here, and I will not fail to thank @udygold for making it possible for to be here.

Thank you all!

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welcome friend

To this great family of Leofinance. Where you can make known about your knowledge of finances, or your situation in your country.

I offer solutions to computer-related problems and my services include: graphic designs, web designs, networks, computer repair and maintenance, installation of windows and software, multimedia services, etc.

I also invite you to the stemgeeks platform this is a platform related to technology.

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