Kraken Sucks

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I don't do this much at all, and have never done it on HIVE to my recall, but I simply have to state this after half a day simply trying to log into my Kraken account so that I could deposit some more DOT for staking there.

Kraken sucks!

After hours going around in circles to try to log in, I finally got in with a one time passcode which requires you change your password in order to be able to get in again after logging out. But then it wouldn't recognize my current password to allow me to set a new one!

Again, this is after it took hours working with support to even be able to get in that way.

So when I got the email from support saying they were closing the case, I decided to cut my losses (time and frustration wise) and simply unstake my existing DOT there and transfer it somewhere else. I will never need to log into that account again now. Eventually there will be someplace else I can stake DOT. For now, I'd rather just know I have reliable access to what I already bought.

Frustrating Week

In general I would have to say this has been a frustrating week in crypto. I'm not even talking about the decreased dollar value of assets. Denominated in BTC I've actually gained during this pullback, so all good. No, I mean the stunning time sinks trying to just make the shit work!

Ridiculous ETH fees and wait times, as a transaction is put through at a given gwei for "fast" only to see that become "slow" before it is processed, and so left hanging until next day. Meanwhile the coins I was intending to buy once the ETH was in place, double in price.

Or trying to buy in a certain app that only ever lets me buy with one of my credit cards, but that bank disallowing the transaction and not calling to confirm it all day. Meanwhile again watching the price of the intended coin go down to my desired buy level, the come back up again.

Etc., etc., etc.

You know the drill.

It's great being this early in the crypto world, because the gains we will see by the time this is actually ready to be public facing will be amazing. But let's be real: right now it is definitely NOT ready for primetime. This is one frustrating industry to function in.

Anyway, I've now removed one source of irritation from my life, Kraken. Beyond that, I think I'll take a break over the weekend and just let it all go on without me.

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the daily hassles in this time materialize in so many different ways. Maybe it helps to let you know that I have not only long waited for this major pullback but the technology is working as it should largely.
That said, there were some major struggles behind me this past week on a family level. Wishing you all the best and great idea you decided to take a break.

This is crypto. There will always be opportunities.

Thanks for the sentiments. Sorry to hear it's been a hard week for your family, and hoping that really is behind you now. Have a great weekend!

Funny I've never had a problem with Kraken - eassy fiat deposits with no fees, and when I lost my authenticator 2fa as my phone screen died their reset worked fine.

But it doesn't work for you I guess you got to get out!

I don't generally trade these days - it is a pretty shit way to spend an afternoon! Draining.

Enjoy yer wknd off - go screen free!

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I'm glad to hear it is working well for you. Their support said something about my PGP public key having been removed from my account. That is something I did not do, and I'm not clear how it came to be at all. In any case, it appears their site doesn't function well in that instance. I definitely can't use something that never sends me password reset emails, but also doesn't recognize my existing password. Anyway, onward and upward.

That is strange, I've always found the trading interface to be a little odd TBH!

I do prefer Bittrex.

You will see a beautiful sun after the thunderstorm.

I do believe it is so. Thank you for the reminder.

My pleasure.

These unpleasant experiences will always exist for our lives. Recently I have a problem with Bittrex and I have already contacted support and are analyzing it.

I also think that if you don't feel comfortable and prefer to leave it will be a good decision.

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Yeah turns out it prevented me from getting dumped on even more! It delayed a buy from yesterday to today. 😃

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